Cinderella 2021


The new Cinderella filmed in 2021 is similar with the same plot portrayed in Disney cartoon, Cinderella. The fable story was modernized mixed with ancient settings. The lead actor and actress in the movie is Camila Cabello portraying the role of Cinderella and Nicholas Galitzine portraying the role of Prince Robert.

Speaking on how the movie differ from the original fairytale story, "Cinderella 2021" portrays Cinderella as a career driven woman though in love with the Prince but she is not receptive towards the prince marriage offer because she doesn't want to be stuck in the palace and be saddled down with royal duties.

The movie portrays different genre ranging from Musical, Romance, Comedy and Romantic Comedy. Presently, Camila is romantically involved with Shawn Mendes, however, she objected to Mendes acting as Prince Charming. According to her, there would have been series of distraction while on set and prefers Mendes stays by her side as a supporter while she's on stage.

Although, her comments were not exactly pleasant but Mendes took no offense and stood by Camila during the filming production. Mendes was behind the scenes, Camila's Knight in shining armour.

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