Croatian player, Mario Mandzukic's early retirement


Croatian football player, Mario Mandzukic has retired from his football career, the news is coming after he had an injury this year, which stopped him from appearing in many matches this year. At the time of his injury, he was playing for AC Milan. Altogether, he appeared only 11 times in 2021.

Mandzukic early retirement blowed the mind of so many people, after all his colleagues  in the same age group, are still playing. However, Mandzukic stated his in his instinct to know when it's  time to finally let go .

Among all the clubs, Mandzukic played for, Juventus was the main club who shared the story of Mandzukic football career, stating his major championship games i.e the Croatian league games, 3 times, Bundesliga, 2 times, the Championship Leagues and Serie A, four times which was at Bayern Munich and Juventus respectively.

The news of Mandzukic retirement was shared via Instagram and the news has gone worldwide. Mandzukic retirement was illustrated using a boot whereby a phrase was written, "Dear little Mario", signed by "Your Big Mario. He signified he has emerged as the big Mario and it's essential for him to let go, as his spirit tells him to let go.

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