Dame Sarah Storey ranks among the top British Paralympian

British Athlete, Dame Sarah Storey is amazed at her success in every games she ventured into. According to her, "it's the dream I didn't have, coming true." Storey's journey as an athlete began when she was only 14 years old. Storey's track record began from swimming sports. Before her switch to Cycling, Storey had won 5 gold medals, Storey success stories as she competed in different games across different countries has been tremendous.

Altogether till date, she has amassed medal in different sports events, the most amazing thing was out of the medals won 17 were gold.

Storey recent feat was her success competing in a cycling event across the foothills of Mount Fuji while the entire surroundings remained in raining conditions. Despite, the climate conditions, Storey emerged with a gold medal.

Following her success, Storey is ranked among the top British Paralympian.

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