Germans declines the need for change of leadership as Merkel steps down


Germans do not seem ready for the new election which is about to take place, unlike the election in 1998 whereby Helmut Kohl reign ended as Gerhard Schröder emerged as the new Vice Chancellor. Germans accepted the results of the election willingly, they were receptive towards Schröder's statement that it was time for a change in generation to emerge.

The next election to vote in a new German Vice Chancellor is scheduled to hold on September 26th. The news isn't welcoming to Germans as they are reluctant to see the end of Angela Merkel's regime. Merkel administration lasted for 16 years which equates the time Kohl also spent as the Vice Chancellor.

Surprisingly, Merkel wasn't forcefully called out to step down rather she gave up her seat to allow another take over. In German history, this is the first time a politician willingly step down without any push from the public or counterpart.

Under Merkel's reign, Germany co-existed in peace and harmony. Although, she's aged, there's still nothing that stands in her way of being re-elected, if she decides to contests in the 2021 election. However, just like Schröder stated it's indeed time for a change of generation, though Merkel's impact on the German society will always be recognized.

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