"Lots of mixed reactions online, as Angel was caught on camera showing off her private part"


21-year-old BBNaija Housemate, Angel Agnes Smith is indeed a girl to look out for in Big Brother Naija "shine ya eye" show. She's always the topic of the day.

There were lots of mixed reactions as Angel was seen showing off her private part to Queen and Whitemoney. Queen who was surprised by her actions said, why are you showing off your private part for everyone to see? Close it!!!

Whitemoney on the other hand, wasn't surprised by Angel's actions at all. He once made a statement that, Angel is way too wild for her age and many Nigerian's backed him up for that statement. 

Whitemoney's response was quite savage, as he said: "Angel is selling her market, she is a marketer."

Angel who wasn't even minding anything being said to her, continued to raise her clothes high up and said, did you see anybody here?

However, Nigerians are not taking Angel's actions likely at all.

The streets of Twitter is currently on fire, as everyone is making so many comments about her. Some people are praising her while most people are berating her actions.

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