Manchester city scores a whooping 6-1 goals against Wycombe


It was a big victory for the Manchester city team as they gained themselves 6 goals in a defeat to Wycombe.

Wycombe seemed to be having their way around the field in the first half of the game, before the Men of the Match woke up to reality.

Riyad Mahrez had 2 amazing goals for the team, while Kevin De Bruyne, Foden Phil, Ferran Torres and Cole Palmer all had one goal each which paved way for the team to be at the top league.

One of the best player's in the club, Foden and Kevin had both done their best to equalise for the team during the first half of the game.

Wycombe might end up loosing their fifth league in the Premier Champions league. The team's captain, Adebayo Akinfenwa really tried in his possession of the ball, but he couldn't hold on for long. 

The champions Manchester city, will be facing Chelsea, Liverpool and PSG.

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