'Opportunity for Nigerians,' one can now travel to over 160 countries across the world without visa


Winnington Citizens & Partners, which happens to be a visa processing and citizenship acquisition, had On Friday made it known that "Nigerians can now travel to as many countries across the World without Visa requirements".

The Chief Executive Officer of the firm, Mrs Winnie Okoh, who was in an interview with newsmen, said that the firms had packages that can now ensure such visa-free travels for Nigerians.

She also made it known that with a "Strong Passport", Nigerians who wish to travel to Caribbean countries and other parts of Europe would be given opportunities.

Mrs Okoh, who revealed the various packages available, said the firm would provide the opportunity for Nigerians to acquire second citizenship with so much ease. 

Mrs Okoh also said the firm is partnering with atleast five countries in the Caribbean to market their citizenship through investment for those who want to acquire second citizenship.

She also added that Nigerians will get free healthcare services and other luxuries with ease.

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