Steffie Gregg's friend, Raheem Sterling pays tribute to her


Twitch streamer, Steffie Gregg died on August 31st. Steffie's death affected her family extending to her uncle, Rvssian Gregg. Steffie's death also affected her friend Raheem Sterling who is part of the Lions. Sterling did a bold tribute on the shirt he wore dedicating his goal to her after the match between England and Hungary. The tribute reads: "Love you forever Steffie Gregg."

Steffie's uncle, Rvssian is a singer and a dancehall producer while her dad, Gary and brother Kyle were actively involved in racing sports, though Gary has retired. Apart from Sterling, Rvssian also announced to the world via social media his tribute to his niece, Steffie. His tribute speaks volumes of his depth of love for Steffie.

Rvssian tribute reads: "I’m broken. I love you so much God knows it wasn’t your time. I give it all to have u back."

 “You taught my daughter adri the wine dance moves haha you guys remind me so much of each other.

“The hardest part was explaining to her that she will never be with you again was so hard when she cried out for you, she loved you so much and looked up to you."

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