Tom Holland officially announces his relationship with Zendaya on her 25th birthday


Award-winning actor, Tom Holland, who played the role of Spiderman in one of the spiderman series announced to the world that he and Zendaya are an officially dating. He disclosed this on Instagram on Zendaya's 25th birthday.

Their relationship has been hidden from public eyes for quite sometime, but they have decided it was time their relationship became known, although rumours were ongoing after they were captured kissing in July.

Describing the photos, Holland wore his spiderman costume, Zendaya also wore her costume. The photo was taken while Zendaya was holding a camera, from the surroundings of the photos they were in a dressing room.

Alongside the photo was a catchy phrase which reads, "My MJ have the happiest of all birthday. Gimme me a call when you up xxx." Zendaya responded, "calling now".

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