Tonto Dikeh says she's heartbroken

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh shared a video on social media that she is heartbroken. Tonto Dikeh was rumoured as a cheat by her ex, Prince Kpokpogri, after their break up, although their relationship lasted for three months. 

Her ex, Prince Kpokpogri claimed their relationship ended because Tonto cheated on him, and he dares to release video to back up his claims.

His post reads:

"We dated for barely three months and it was more less a living hell! So much has happened in such little time that I overlooked for the sake of the so-called relationship and my sanity.

“However, I would be releasing evidence on how aunty cheated right from the very start of our relationship when she went to Lagos to open her legs like Lekki toll gate and how she cried and begged for a second chance and even threatened to commit suicide, if I didn’t forgive her.

“As a publisher, a businessman and for the sake of clarity for the timid followers, I dare politicians or anyone at all bold enough to come out with evidence of blackmail of any sort or kind showing hush-money paid and for what he or she was blackmailing for, or forever remain silent!

“As for cutie juice, you can keep dishing out your BS to gain traffic along with your so-called gistlover abi na gistidiot, I don’t even know!”

“Nigerian men, they are coming for you all with the same pattern (once you are close enough to her, your downfall is plotted and executed in association with bloggers).

“The recent revelation shows we all need to be wary of “Helen of Troy”. It glaring who had an ulterior motive all along as exposed by her partners in crime."

Afterwards, Prince actually shared the video in his page to back up his claims.

See video below:

This video went viral. However, Tonto is really a strong woman, though she finds herself in the wrong relationships and with the wrong kind of people, who are willing and happy to bring her down. Tonto, shared a video of how recent events have affected her and impacted her mental health.

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