How to become better. 'A possibility or a mere desiderantum'


Let me say this from the outset 'becoming a better person is debatably an easy concept to define and at the same convoluted, intricate, and relatively elusive in its practicality.'

Many times, we often say to ourselves "I have to become a better person." But, what we constantly forget, is the undeniable fact that without practicality, this has more or less become nothing more than a just platitude.

Being a better person is more than just a mere desideratum. It requires a resolute, obligatory, perfunctory, and concerted effort. 

At this point, we would be wondering what the concept of being a better person entailed. Its meaning doesn't require you surfing through the internet or voraciously perusing the lexicon. It is simply becoming a better version of yourself using the moral compass of the law, morality, and conscience.

From a personal perspective, I have found myself grossly deficient in my effort to become a better version of myself. This has not deterred me. It has rather made me more resolute and indefatigably unrelenting. 

There are no steps or one method by which your journey to becoming a better version of yourself can be achieved. It will suffice at this point to say that you can become a better version of yourself if you imbibe more virtue and expel more vice. 

In our journey to becoming a better version of ourselves, we mustn't be impatient with ourselves. Every feat achieved must be praiseworthy.

Finally, remember that the practice of being a good person can with time become character. And character can gravitate into addiction. At this point, it becomes a lifestyle...

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