How to deal with negative energy (Taking a cue from locust sensitive neurons)


Many a time we often hear people lashing out at each other. Sometimes the altercation gravitates into life-threatening verbal exchange. It's often heard from both parties that "that guy/lady has an issue - a negative energy that creates a fertile ground for wrangle." Let me say this, 'disputes are like embers, it needs to be fanned to flame.' So on that premise, I say 'it takes two to tangle.' 

That being said, disputes can easily be avoided if we took a cue from locusts. Locust! Yes, locust! There is something innate in locusts that prevents them from colliding with one another while migrating.

We can avoid colliding with others at our workplaces, schools, clubs, any social gatherings, and in our everyday endeavor if we took a cue from the locusts.

Locusts migrate in swarms as thick as "80 million locusts per square kilometers." Yet they avoid colliding with one another. What is the secret?

Behind each of the locusts of two compound eyes is a motion-sensitive neuron called the lobule giant movement detector (LGMD). When a collision appears imminent, these neurons send messages to the wings and legs prompting the locust to act quickly. Its reaction is five times faster than the blink of an eye.

Inspired by the locust eyes and neurons, we also should learn to detect bitterness, acrimony, and animosity.

Truth be told, a lot less harm could be done if we could keep our mouth shut, eyes wide open, and hurry out of the scene before things escalate. 

Remember, it takes two to engage in verbal warfare that often leads to many unwanted outcomes. 

Remember, we all can avoid disputes. If you are conflicted about this, just remember if over 80 million locusts can fly without colliding against one another, then certainly we can avoid colliding with people in our everyday life.

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