Independent woman


Society has set standards and limits upon a woman and not sticking to this status quo could imply that a woman is "unsubmissive" or "irresponsible". Is this supposed to be the norm? That there are certain restrictions placed upon the female gender in different spheres and we are starting to think it is natural.

Years before now, most importantly in Africa, the female gender has been relegated to certain positions and they even evolve them into quotes passed down through generations that a woman's place is in the kitchen. The world has been believed to be a man's world and a place that has no place for women that are ready to pay the sacrifice for greatness.

But, an independent woman rises above the normal and challenges these lies that have been made believed as truth. The rise of an independent woman has broken the chains tied to beliefs that women only have to raise children and sit at home. She shows that a woman can lead, make the correct judgment, have influence, and be more than a baby-making machine.

According to a popular quote from Oprah Winfrey; “When you undervalue what you do, the world will undervalue who you are.”

The independent woman understands her value and shows the world that she can go against all odds and dare to dream big. She ensures that she achieves her aims and shows up every single day to prove that she can do all that society says she can't. She lets people draw lessons and inspiration from her failures and success and continues to encourage other women to never think less of who they are and what they can become.

In plain words, she is confident in her abilities and works to become better. She takes responsibility for how she responds to situations and doesn't put blame on people for her mistakes. She builds healthy relationships with people who can help her when she needs it and she shows the world the power of a kind and determined woman. Even if facing discouragements from society and the world at large, she keeps pushing through and overcoming every hurdle.

The world is yet to witness the power that the independent woman possesses, the provision of solutions to problems, and interesting ideas that will birth creativity in the minds of the people of the world. The independent woman is privileged to show the world that this gender should be allowed to be more than just what society says. She is the ray of hope that the world must-see. The independent woman is important to human existence.

You can also break the boundaries and limits that the world has set for the female gender, just like the 49th and current  Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, who became the first African American, first Asian American to occupy the office. You can break free from the mindset of littleness. You can make your choice to be the one to set the path for greatness to the human race. You have the ability on your inside and you can make the change only if you want to. You have been shown that it is possible. Here's a little advice for the coming times, be the independent woman, your generation would be grateful you are!

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