Bullying & actions to prevent it


Bullying has become a significant cause for concern in recent days in the world, and the current bullying incident that occurred in Dowen College Lekki, led to the death of a student, Sylvester Oromoni. It has been advised that every parent should ensure no one is bullying his/her child at school. If there's any, then take action against it as a result obscurity is not safe any longer.

This article explains bullying of various ages and appropriate actions which will be taken to curb the impact all around.

What is Bullying?

Bullying is defined by the use of force, threat, coercion, teasing during a hurtful approach to discourage or sharply dominate somebody or a gaggle of individuals. This behavior has been discovered to be a repeated and habitual action. Bullying may also involve hostile intent or angle meant to harm another individual mentally, showing emotion, physically and will even result in a loss of life.

One of the most common causes behind bullying is a power imbalance, some individuals appear to assume that they need additional power than others so that they tend to abuse that power and intercommunicate pain on people. Bullying has been classified as aggressive behavior.

According to statistics twenty-eight percent of each child has been bullied before by fellow students, neighborhood youngsters, educators, and so on. Most colleges don't think bullying is going down in their schools and most victims tell their parents regarding bullying, it takes tons of confidence to open up regarding the incident. Contrary to several beliefs, bullies may also flip bullies and this can be what happens in most boarding homes. The senior students bully the junior ones and so once the juniors conjointly become seniors they bully their juniors and also the cycle continues.

Bullying has considerably inflated negative results for each victim(s) and also the bully. Most times eyewitnesses to bullying are unable to speak to individuals regarding it due to threats and concern of conjointly being bullied as well. This has caused less awareness regarding the results of bullying all around the global world, it's a truth there is bullying everyplace not solely in academic sectors and residential area units even in workplaces there are reports of adults being bullied by colleagues.

Types of Bullying

Bullying has been chiefly classified into four varieties;

• Physical Bullying

This can be renowned to involve touching the victims, kicking, pushing, and every one style of bodily hurt to people.

• Verbal Bullying

This is mostly spoken because of the use of words to hurt alternative people and that they can embody creating sexual comments regarding them, insults and name-calling, teasing them gratingly, mimicking them during a taunting approach, verbally threatening them.

• Relational Bullying

This involves bullying a specific individual from a group of friends and even during a category it is done through spreading dangerous rumors regarding the person, verbal threats as a kind of intimidation, and plenty of additional.

• Reactive Bullying

This can be done as a cause for being a victim of bullying before and so choosing on others as a kind of payback for the bullying.

Bullying is additionally renowned to involve an assault on the victim's property and things associated with them.

Common signs for Bullying

There are alternative ways to seek out your kid is being bullied without them having to speak regarding it.

A child's belongings get missing and that they have inexplicable injuries. We all know that the youngsters might not be ready to say after they are being harmed due to the fear instilled by the perpetrator and that they tend to hide it up by their actions.

An uncommon behavior

If you notice your kid is behaving otherwise from the approach they might unremarkably do particularly once dynamical tools or starting of a session or they're getting ready to go play or maybe leave, it might mean that something is wrong.

Physical symptoms 

The kids might have constant headaches, stress, body pains, less appetite, nightmares, insomnia, feeling isolated for no issue in the slightest degree, loneliness, and so on. This might even be a pointer to it.

Behavior symptoms exhibition 

They will try and avoid such places, make up excuses to skip school, do badly at school grades, in some extreme cases it has been rumored that some kids even have self-destructive thoughts. As parents, we tend to notice our youngsters in no time and keep aware of them.

Actions Against Bullying;

• By Parents

Parents have a robust role to play if they discover their child(ren) is involved either as the victim or not. They ought to make sure that they encourage their youngsters to share their experiences and reassure them that they're safe with them. They should also seek advice from authorities within the location of bullying and if it could lead to withdrawal of the kids from the place, it should be done.

Parents should take the problem very urgently and shield their kids in any case and request facilitated help for their children.

If you are a parent that discerned your child as the bully, you ought to request help for the kid and verify from the youngsters he is bullying and create applicable changes. The services of a professional would help the child comprehend that it is dangerous and realize the starting line of the habit.

• By Establishments & People

Institutions ought to hold bullying cases in high esteem and treat them desperately by taking disciplinary actions against such bullies and inspiring alternative students to speak up regarding any bullying activities happening around them to confirm each child is safe. 

For example, educational institutions ought to produce rules that are effective in curbing its impact. There ought to even be effective bullying hindrance programs to teach and would involve students, academics, and administrators.

As humans, we must always learn to speak up about unjust actions and stand our ground till justice is served and we all can say that we are safe and the children are safe as well.

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