Christmas Day


The 25th of December, Christmas Day is the day on which the whole month of December has centered around. The 24th is regarded as Christmas Eve to usher in the glorified Christmas day. Then the 26th, Boxing day, to unravel gifts gotten from Christmas day. Throughout the ember months, the 25th day of December is the most anticipated of all days. With the passing of gifts, Christmas day is usually one to remember for a lot of people.

With a brief history on Christmas day, it is said to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He is believed to have being birthed of a virgin mother, Mary on the 25th of December. Christmas was named so by a Roman King, and to have been celebrated for over 2000 years. So to think about it, Christmas is not only a festive time, but it's also a time to reflect on history. Christmas day is one of the few worldwide accepted holidays, with colorful themes and melodious singing, it is very easy to get caught in the moment. And unlikely some other moments, the Christmas spirit is the very best to get caught in, and it's eagerly encouraged.

One thing that is never short of, is the Christmas delicacies around. With the unusual rice and chicken which has been the meal for a generation. New age families have begun to spice things up, adding goat meat pepper soup, pounded yam, peppered meat, moi-moi, salad, etc. These new delicacies don't only bring more food to the table but also make festivities juicier. Food is then cooked on a large scale so it can be shared with people around. Even with chicken being the usual source of protein on Christmas day, turkey, goat, and even cow meat (beef) have been added to the equation, all to make the celebration merrier.

Even with the usual hike in prices to foodstuffs around Christmas day, families still go out of their way to make Christmas day special for their family members. Some families come together to mark the celebration together. Churches, places of work, and selfless individuals and organizations try to make the Christmas day celebration beautiful for people. Bags of rice, packs of oil, chicken both frozen and live, and lots of other foodstuffs are distributed to people so they could celebrate Christmas day very well. Others throw elaborate parties where people are fed with good food and drinks so they could also join in the Christmas festivities. People have made it their yearly tradition to influence people's life positively every Christmas so they could end the year on a better note. 

Christmas decorations are always a huge delight, with Christmas trees and lights put everywhere. The nighttime during Christmas is always so catching. The Christmas tree is one thing that is always available during this time, even though people rarely use natural trees during this period, artificial trees are also been used. These trees are usually adorned with beautiful lights and other Christmas decorations. Christmas day is never complete without fireworks too. With millions of Naira spent on different kinds of friendly fireworks, Christmas time is never quite as people pride themselves in making noises with their fireworks. 

Christmas day is never complete without the giving, receiving, and exchanging of gifts. Parents buy their eagerly awaiting children Christmas present. Most of the time, the gifts are based more on the child's performance than even the parent's capacity. This means that the parent is even willing to go out of their comfort zone to buy the child a gift that they deserve rather than what they can readily afford. Children are a lot more obedient and hardworking during this period as they attempt to sway their parents, guardians, and elder family members into buying them tangible gifts. Christmas shoes, clothes, and other gifts share amongst the children.

One thing that is encouraged during the Christmas day celebration is the sharing of goodwill to fewer privileged people. Orphanage homes, prisons, homes of rehabilitation, and lots more are been flooded with people who want to show support to others and put a smile on their faces. Packs of foodstuff are donated while some bring already made food to serve to the occupants of these different establishments. Food and other gifts are also donated to homeless people. It is very much encouraged to shrug off the trials and tribulations of the year to give to others that are less fortunate.

This Christmas day and time, try to put a smile on someone's face, it could go a long way. Might not be food or a physical gift, could be a hug, or cash, or anything. Try not to let Christmas pass without sharing something. Season greetings from and we hope you stay tuned.

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