Christmas Holiday


Christmas holiday is everyone's favorite holiday irrespective of their tribe, religion, or race. It might have more meaning to the Christians but in all, it is everyone's holiday. Christmas is said to be the celebration of the birth of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. But another unique thing about the festivities of Christmas is that it also ushers the New Year's Eve and finally the brand new year. Christmas is a very happy time of the year. 

Even with the insufficiency of resources in the country, parents, guardians, schools, and even organizations go out of their way to make the Christmas holiday special. Employees of labor look keenly at their employers for Christmas bonuses and likely add more like bags of rice, packs of cooking oil, crates of eggs, and anything they are given. Organization's end-of-the-year parties are one thing to look forward to. Here, both employers and employees can unwind and have a party to celebrate the year-end. Awards are been dished out, with most desiring for the employee of the year award or branch of the year in cases where they are more than one branch. Most organizations give breaks so employees and employers alike could rest and prepare for the New Year ahead. With Christmas bonuses and add more in hand, the staff of the organizations go home and have a wonderful Christmas break.

One place that the Christmas spirit can not be missed is in schools. With Christmas vacation looming, the school is more concerned about putting on a great Christmas carol for parents and guardians, also a Christmas party for their pupils or students. Such events are more prominent in the nursery, primary and secondary schools than in higher institutions, as their students would have likely gone home to spend the Christmas holiday with their families. School Christmas carol and parties are always a delight. The children are then given holiday assignments and bade farewells. 

The Christmas holiday usually starts around the 20th or 21st and rolls into the new year. Christmas day is the most anticipated day, during this time it crowns the whole holiday. Children are usually delighted by the break with thousands of Naira spent on playful fireworks. The Christmas holiday is never complete without the harmattan weather causing cold and dust in Nigeria. The dry season is at its peak during this time.

The Christmas holiday helps families reconnect, with lots of families who reside in the city, traveling to their respective villages to see their extended family. The year might be bad or sad but during the Christmas holiday, situations are shoved aside and a happy moment is ignited. Church carol is always a must-go for Christians who in turn have fun singing Christmas hymns and dancing to their fill. Boxing day, the day after Christmas is another holiday, where families could meet up and have a nice time. 

New year's eve is one night that has the least number of people sleeping because everybody wants to cross over to the new year. The Christmas holiday doesn't just contain the Christmas day, it is a combination of great holidays and great times. 

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