Domestic Violence


Domestic violence is when partners in a relationship or members of a family is maltreating another member of the family or a person residing in the home, are abusing each other, this could be physically, psychologically, or emotionally. But the most prominent one of the types of domestic violence is physical violence, this doesn’t undermine the severity of the other one either. Over the years, the rates of domestic violence have risen to alarming levels. Over half of domestic deaths have been related to domestic violence, with females being at the receiving end. 

Toxicity between couples has paid a crucial role in the likeliness of domestic violence, when the couple involved can not tolerate each other and have toxic traits towards each other, there is a high tendency of domestic violence happening. Toxicity brings about disagreement and when there are constant disagreements, confrontations are imminent which could lead to domestic violence of different forms. It could extremely be disastrous to stay in a toxic environment because a toxic person is someone you can't tolerate, which means you can't control the person especially when provoked to anger. 

Mostly when it involves domestic violence, the male gender is usually at the serving side and the female at the receiving end. This is usually the case but there have been instances of men being physically assaulted by their female partners, it might sound hilarious but it happens. There have even been cases of when the partner calls thugs to beat up the man, all those are still domestic violence. There would surely be times where your partner that you reside with might provoke you to deadly anger but that is where self-control and maturity are tested. Mostly it is just best to walk away than get more infuriated or simply by saying sorry even though you might not have been the one at fault. Being apologetic for things whether you are right or wrong, helps dilute anger and calms the other person down.

There is one telling disadvantage of domestic violence, is the effect it could have on people around especially if the couple has children around. In a system where the father of the house hits the mother in presence of children, indicating that he is the man of the house and no woman can overrule him. The son might pick up this attitude and if not corrected early enough, he carries that mindset for a very long time. The girl might lose self-esteem when interacting or competing with her male counterpart because she has the mindset of being lesser.

There is also domestic violence against children, this is usually against young children who can't speak for themselves. When domestic violence against children is in the subject, the aggression is usually not the biological parent of the children and tends to treat the child poorly mostly out of spite of sheer wickedness. But there have been times where the abuser is even the biological parent of the child but the abusing of the child could be a form of transferring frustration or anger. The survey has it that one in every five to six children are suffering from domestic violence. Sometimes it may not be physical abuse, but you could also abuse a child emotionally or psychologically. Making a child feel lesser than others because of certain failures the child might have experienced is also a form of domestic violence because those words could play a part in the downfall of the child. There have been cases of when the biological parent of a child abuses the child, in a certain case of where the parents locked up their daughter for years, starved her, and chained her in a room because they suspected she was a witch or a case of where the mother dowsed her daughter with kerosene because she erred her. 

Below has been the various types of domestic violence that people have experienced, but there are logical solutions to both stopping and avoiding domestic violence. Therapy could be a good step in the right direction. Couples therapy could help the couple better understand each other, teach them ways to douse the tension when they are fighting. The willingness to apologize and move on from quarrels would help reduce the tendency for domestic violence to occur. Parents and elder ones should have respect for children and tread carefully on how children are been treated. People with anger management issues should work hard on how to control their anger, try to be less destructive when they are enraged. 

Domestic violence against anybody is punishable by law, there have been cases where the charges were as serious as attempted murder or murder if the person abused died as a result of injuries sustained due to domestic violence. Stay away from domestic abusers, if you see anybody been abused domestically, report to the appropriate authority, you might be saving a life or two. Stay locked on

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