First date ideas


Wondering what to do after shooting your shot and there's a positive response? First dates could be so difficult to plan and sometimes we all run out of ideas about how we should show up and surprise the one that we love since this is a first and we want an impression that can last long.  

The first date is like the ticket to truly begin a relationship. The success or failure of a first date would determine if there's a chance that something can happen with each other. A first date is to help you learn about each other and find out details of the other person. So you must consider this when planning for a first date. If it's with someone that you know before it would help you get to talk and enjoy each other's company without having to be conscious of other things around.

If it's a first date with someone you haven't met before you should consider picking a public and popular location to help the person find the place faster and feel secure because of the situation of the country currently. Another important thing you should consider is the amount of money you want to spend. It is advised that you prepare ahead and pick a place that isn't too expensive if you can't afford an extravagant place. Regardless of all this, here are 7 first-date ideas for you if you're confused about what to do or where to go.

Have dinner together

This looks very common and it's because everyone loves good food and it would be better to have dinner with someone that you just met as they would have gone through their day and there would be a lot to talk about. You can plan a very beautiful dinner date with them and this gives you both an opportunity to truly explore each other's life and know more about each other. A first date shouldn't be too expensive especially if only one person is paying for the food. 

Take a walk together

This looks simple as well but taking a walk together on a first date in a serene environment is a great way to know each other as well as understand how the person behaves in public and interacts with other people. You can carry along some snacks or get on the road. Ice cream can be a good thing to take on a walk. Don't also forget that a first date is majorly for introduction and understanding each other better.

Go for a picnic

Depending on the weather you can take a picnic at a park or the beach and bring homemade foods to spice everything up. If it would be too stressful you can just get drinks and snacks from a food place. You can also make things extra fun by bringing board games or playing other games and still getting to know each other's interests and understanding each other. Ensure that you make everything a discussion that would go beyond shallow answers.

Visit a location

You can visit a location based on the person's interest, it could be an aquarium, a gallery, a museum, a zoo, and so on. This is a perfect date idea as long as it's within the scope of interest for the person. You wouldn't even have to spend much and you would have a perfect opportunity to learn about each other and learn together. To round off the date you can have lunch together and reminisce about how the day went together. 

Attend an event together

Based on each other's interests as well you could attend an event together, it could be a football game, concert, musical and so on. You could just get tickets and invite them for it. It may not be as effective as others but it's also a big deal in having fun and knowing about each other as you can keep playfully talking even while all that is going on.

Home cooking

This is effective if the other person is someone you're close with and you already know, you can have a first date with them by inviting them to your house and just cooking for them even while talking about things with each other. This doesn't require much spending and it would also make the person more comfortable about you and being around you.

Take a road trip

You can plan to just drive around at a weekend, please don't try this in a place like Lagos, Nigeria, the traffic could spoil your plans. You can take a drive around and just enjoy each other's company even while trying to know about each other. You can rest in different places during the trip and make memories as well as get to know each other. This is also dependent on how you met the person and for how long you've known the person, some people would not like to travel long hours on the road or don't trust you enough to take a trip with you.

Whatever you do on your first date should be targeted to knowing the other person more and just enjoying their vibes and fun. You don't have to put in a lot to impress anyone or try to blow their minds. Partners that would value you and all you do for them, without you breaking banks to please them. Choose date locations with a general interest in mind and you can even ask them where they would love to go if you're able to afford anywhere, taking a person to a place they have longed to go to is much easier as well. 

First dates are not so difficult and learning about how people interact is key to knowing whether you have gotten to a bus stop or your journey in searching for the one would continue. Just be real with yourself and do what you can afford for the person, so you don't set a high standard that you can't keep up with when the time comes.

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