How to boost self-esteem


Self-esteem is the belief in one's self. Self-esteem has to do with how much a person believes in themselves. There are three types of self-esteem, low self-esteem, high self-esteem, and overconfident self-esteem. Low self-esteem which is also our focus, is when a person doesn't believe in themselves enough to achieve certain goals. High self-esteem which is the best, is the right amount of believing in one's self to achieve goals. The overconfident self-esteem is usually mixed with high self-esteem but in this case, the person over believes and might overlook certain details that might be crucial. Another bad thing about overconfidence is that when they fail, it is shattering and destroys all their self-esteem.

A person is not born with low self-esteem, there are factors around the person that have contributed to the depletion of the person's self-esteem. One of the factors is the environment the parents of the child raise the child in. This factor has played a huge role in the drop of some female children because of how little elderly people attach importance to the female child. Cases where the notion is that the female child is less than the male child, they would implant that ideology into the young girl's mind and she would grow up with little self-esteem. 

Another factor that can influence the drop in a person's self-esteem, is the past situations and experiences of the person. In a case where the person is stigmatized by that situation, he or she won't be able to fully exercise their self-esteem. A girl who has been raped and is made jest of for it could have low self-esteem. Or in a male case where he is unable to do some things that other guys do, he could lose his self-esteem.

Desperate people usually have a long history of low self-esteem. 

Another common factor that could induce low self-esteem, is lack. When a person lacks the little things that others might find easy, he or she won't feel like they are on the level as others. Lack could be material, intellectual, psychological, etc. Low self-esteem could be caused by this too, because when the person sees basic standards as challenges then it could play on the person's mental health and results in the decrement of the person's self-esteem.

There are different ways in boosting a person's self-esteem. A simple way is by avoiding discrimination and stigmatization of people. It is better to even avoid reacting to a situation than to act negatively towards the situation and make the person feel lowly of themselves. Learn to discourage others from stigmatizing others because your single action could go a long way in helping the person. You can correct a person's actions or behavior by being loving in your manner of approach. That way the person been corrected knows they are wrong but still loved.

Try not to make a child feel like they are less of a human being than the other. This goes expressly to those who assume the female child is less of a child than a male child. People should note that both genders are unique in their different ways and no one of them is superior to the other. Make sure that the same opportunity given to one child is equally given to the other child. Bring up your female child to the knowledge that she is equal to any male child and whatever the child can achieve, she also could.

Avoid comparison between children or young people. People in general are used to the idea of comparing a certain person to another person. That singular action tells the subconscious which controls the entire body that they are not good enough to be on the same level as the person you are been compared to. Instead of comparing a child, help the child work on his or her improvement rather than comparing the person to another and pointing their failures.

Encourage therapy and counseling of people. When people are down with low self-esteem, it is advised for that person to see a counselor. The problem facing the person might be serious and suicidal thoughts may have started to be thought about. Cheer people as much as you can do and if you know that the issue needs professional help, direct the person to a counselor or therapist who could help the people.

Boosting one's self-esteem could be hard sometimes but it is also important because it could be all that person needs to be whole again. Learn to increase self-esteem rather than reduce it. has more.

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