How to build & maintain healthy relationship

A healthy relationship is the kind of relationship where both parties are equally benefiting from the association. It is also known as a symbiotic relationship. A healthy relationship is one where there is true love, things are shared in a way that both parties are happy. A healthy relationship is a relationship where there is trust, harmony and even when they have issues, they can resolve the problems without letting them get out of hand. 

Building a healthy relationship is very crucial for the growth of a person. An important factor in building a healthy relationship is sharing true love. The importance of love can not be overstressed because, in the presence of true love, lots of ill-treatment that could have been avoided won't occur. Love is important in the growth of the relationship. No healthy relationship can work without true love. One side can not sustain a relationship because the love can't hold the two of them together. Love in a relationship must be a give or take situation.

A healthy relationship must have true feelings and toxicity shouldn't be allowed. Toxicity could cause one person to take advantage of the other person which would make it an unhealthy relationship. When it is perceived that a person is in a toxic relationship, it is advisable to disengage such a relationship and only encourage healthy and positive relationships. There are times when unhealthy relationships are ones we can't break up, like when a parent and a child have an unhealthy relationship. Such a relationship can not be cut off but instead, they can work it out by talking about issues that are making the relationship unhealthy. 

Another important block in building a healthy relationship is tolerance. Every healthy relationship must be one where both parties are wholly tolerant of each other. Everybody has excesses so each person's ability to soak up the other's excesses without letting it tilt the balance of the relationship or make the relationship unhealthy is very essential for the growth of the relationship. For a relationship to be termed as healthy, each person must not only know the other person's vices and excesses but must also be able to tolerate, condone, and still love the person despite the flaws they see in the person. 

To build a healthy relationship, you have to be in a relationship with someone that shares the same goals and values as you. The relationship would never work if the people in the relationship don't see eye to eye on important issues. When they are dysfunctional in that aspect, there would be room for misunderstanding because they would argue when issues bordering on those things they don't agree on arises. So in building a healthy relationship, the person must see things the way you see them. 

Love is important in maintaining a relationship, but another that is important is the availability of other resources. If a relationship grows and they eventually decide to move in with each other, they would need basic resources to sustain them. You can't eat love or wear love, so financial, material, and psychological understanding would be important. Let the person you are involved with know your financial strength and shortcoming. Try not to hide important details from the other person because those things might come back to haunt the relationship.

In maintaining a healthy relationship there should be constant communication. This is a case whereby there is a constant flow of information between the two parties and there is mutual understanding. Lots of problems in relationships could have been avoided if only there was communication between the two people involved. Once there is a break in communication, discord can grow between them and there is a tendency that they might get into fights. Fights that may have likely been prevented if only there was communication between the parties in the relationship.

Another important thing to be wary of in maintaining a healthy relationship is the limiting of third-party influence in the relationship. Some relationships are currently in crisis or have crashed because of the influence of third parties in a relationship. It might be important to have a third party to resolve some issues but this should mostly be a therapist or a counselor so there won't be any bias that could further aggravate the issue at hand. Avoid taking relationship problems to family members or friends who you know would likely take sides and not tell the truth. It is good to have friends who can be there for you when you have issues but they could also advise you into decisions that may not be the best but only look like the best for now. 

In maintaining a healthy relationship, each person should be willing to compromise and share things even when it is not convenient. A healthy relationship would strive when both parties are willing to make sacrifices for the relationship to work. When only one side is willing to make sacrifices for the relationship, then the balance of the relationship is only hanging by a thread. The guy might see the need to be more sacrificial but if he is the only one who does this every time, he would get fend up and likely leave to someone ready to compromise and sacrifice for a relationship to work, so would it if the girl or lady was the only one or the one sacrificing the most.

Building and maintaining a healthy relationship work hand in hand. Love is always the prominent thing, while other things which are also important could follow suit. Stay on for more.

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