How to write an article


In writing an article, there are factors to put in place, you must make sure that you are passing a message and in the course of writing the article, that message is greatly stressed. Researching on the article before writing would give more insight and scope to the content of the article. Before writing the article, think deeply and read the things you are likely to talk about in the course of the article. 

The topic

The first thing to note is a topic because the topic is what would give a sneak peek of what a person reading the article is likely to get from it. The topic also gives the article meaning. The topic of an article is the first thing that a reader sees and that is why the topic of an article has to be catchy and intriguing enough to interest people into reading the article. 

The introduction

Another thing to denote is the introductory paragraph. The introductory paragraph has to be cogent and has slight suspense so the reader won't get bored and drop the article. The introductory paragraph has to give meaning to some words in the topic. In the case where the title is a little confusing, the introductory paragraph would break down and explain some of the words in the title. The introductory paragraph is also the most important because the other paragraphs would follow that flow. It is advised to keep it short but intriguing.

Dates & places

In writing articles on historical events, you have to make references to dates and places. This is where researching the article before writing on it comes in. When as a writer, you have researched the article topic and content, prominent dates, and places that are likely to come up or essential to writing that particular article. In writing dates, you must always explain why that date is mentioned and things that happened at that particular time. Also in mentioning places from the past, it is advised to include the name the place is called in the present day and if it's an ancient name, this is only valid if there had been a name change.

The content

When writing an article, it is important to avoid repetition so as not to tire your readers. After the introductory paragraph where you try as much as possible not to give too much away but still maintain a high level of intrigue and suspense. Writers must always try to make their articles have good meaning and carry a message behind them. The message in the article should explain the title of the article extensively too. The body of the article doesn't necessarily have to be larger but it must be intelligent enough to enlighten the reader.

The conclusion

The end paragraph of an article must bring everything that must have been explained during the article to a logical end. The conclusion must also contain parts that weren't explained during the article and everything that wasn't fully explained in the previous paragraphs should be briefly explained and concluded too. The concluding paragraph should also pay tributes to whom they are due and refer readers for other articles if there are other articles to be read.

These steps are essential when writing an article, it should also have an important meaning which could also be determined by the title of the article. Stay glued on for more.

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