How to define relationships


Relationships are occurrence in this world and everyone wants to have well-defined relationships especially the ones that could lead to being a life partner to someone. A lot of people have friends that are close to them and they want to keep such people as friends alone and nothing else. This article will help you define your relationships and ensure that the proper boundaries are in place for proper understanding.

Defining the relationship between you and another person can seem so difficult and most times experts advise that you talk about it with the other person. It is the appropriate way of knowing where you stand and if the other person would like to go forward with the relationship or thinks you're better off as friends. You can't be in a romantic relationship with someone who wants to be just friends with you.

Sometimes the conversations are uncomfortable to have because people mostly fear rejections especially in a situation where they would like to move forward into marriage. To make the situation less cumbersome, here are a few tips on how to define the relationship (mostly called DTR)

You can take it slowly

It's okay to want to be more to someone than being their friend at some time and it's fine to take things slowly with this person. Let the relationship develop and let them also be sure that they want to be with you as much as you want to be with them. People mostly don't like to be pressured about something like this and it's advised to let things just fall in place and develop. Although this would take a very careful and sensitive thought because they must also get glimpses that you like them more differently.

There is no particular time to talk to them about it, but it's suggested that when you're comfortable enough to face the outcome of any reply you get, you can go ahead and pop the question. If your proposed partner has a different time frame for example they would prefer to wait for a certain amount of years, you can communicate about it and see if you can get to a point of understanding and compromise.

Allow yourself to enjoy the vibe

Relationships with people can be in many forms and there isn't a particular outcome for wanting to be in a romantic relationship with someone. We mostly have heard stories of people who were still in relationships before they met their partner and they have a strong marriage now. Not every relationship has to begin perfectly, we can choose our own story and own it. It's okay to begin to feel the vibe you're getting from them, almost everyone in a successful marriage would say that they knew their partners had a special thing for them even while they were unsure. Ask yourself questions about how you feel about them and if they feel slightly the same, it would be difficult having to hide how you genuinely feel about someone. You would know the answers whether you say them or not.

Know what you want

A lot of people want to get into a serious relationship that could lead to marriage without truly understanding what they want out of the relationship. Defining your relationship is about setting boundaries and sincere expectations together with your partner. Before you can approach a potential partner you must talk to yourself about what you want from them, devote time for self-reflection and evaluation, check if you're not selfish about wanting them, this would bring clarity once you do, and communicating it to them would be no problem at all. Being honest with a proposed partner is much more okay and makes things transparent because you must save yourself from heartbreak if eventually, things didn't go as you hoped.

Be open to negotiating

Everyone wasn't raised in the same homes as different factors can affect a person's thinking and value. As you have your expectation and clear goals of what you want, you must also understand that your potential partner also has needs and expectations as well and they may even not relate with each other. You must learn to find a way to make things work and both parties are happy. It's okay to have a clear definition and their needs not aligning with yours may not mean they are not the right person. Have a conversation flexible and relate from the person's view on how things would be preferred to be done at their end.

Leave room for change

Change is constant in life and it would be irrelevant to think that a person would be the same as the first time you met them. In relationships, it's most expected both partners would change as they get to know each other more and become comfortable around themselves. Your relationship will most likely not go as planned and could be very dynamic as you begin to date. Don't be afraid to understand and find a balance between yourself and your partner. It's very key to understand that you don't have control over the changes that may occur and it is up to you to decide how you want the change to affect you.

Defining a relationship would come with more than these few tips and you must be ready to make sacrifices and decisions that you can be proud of in the times to come. You deserve to have the relationship of your dreams and explore life with your partner. It is unwise to lead someone on when you're not interested in them, it is what leads majorly to heartbreaks and disappointment in relationships. Be clear about your intent towards someone and don't try to deceive them for personal gains and reasons. Let them go if you don't want a future with them, and if you get rejected by someone move on and understand that it doesn't make you less of who you are. It's just for you to be more intentional about relationships.

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