How to heal from heartbreak


Heartbreak is basically when a person loses something or someone they cherish and in most cases, 'love'. When this happens, it could be very devastating to the person and it doesn't just affect the heart, it affects the whole body and in some cases, they could go extreme. Everybody has their way of getting over heartbreak but our African mentality has influenced most of those ways, in the case that a man may be regarded as a coward if he cries because of loss or the woman is held responsible if she doesn't cry or show excess emotions. But this is mostly in the case of losing a loved one. Heartbreak is generally very likely to happen but our reactions to it and how methods of healing would tell how long that person would suffer from the heartbreak.

The first thing which is also one of the hardest parts is accepting that the event that caused the heartbreak has happened. Lots of heartbroken people mostly start with denial, especially if the brain is not processing the loss very well because of your unwillingness to accept it. So overcoming denial is the first option, in cases of bottling in emotions and unwillingness to accept it, it could come back to haunt the person because there is likely the chance of the person feeling heaviness. Unprocessed loss is a very heavy burden and in most cases, it outweighs the person and this is where depression due to loss sets in, and different unhealthy ideas might want to influence the person and cause further hurt.

Talk to someone but let it be someone you trust and respect too. When you talk about events that caused heartbreak, it helps a lot in processing it. Let the person who you are talking to be sensitive enough to help you process everything you are feeling and help your healing process. It meant not be too much but when you talk about it, it might help you think better about it, and hearing another perspective might help too. If possible, you could go for therapy or join an emotional support group. In this process, you might meet or hear of people who would have gone through similar or worst situations and how they pick their lives up. You would also see those who couldn't pick their lives and how they ended up those ends won't be your goal so you try to avoid their mistakes. 

In cases where people can't console you enough, you can also talk to God or Allah or what you believe in. The belief that it is all ordained to happen and you couldn't stop it but knowing that God is there to console you too, helps. 

Some people think that crying is weak but it is proven that crying is therapeutic and it helps to ease the pain or heaviness. Obviously, it is advisable to cry all the time but there are times that you can't seem to keep up with the pain, so crying helps in that. Cry well but when you finish crying, you should know that the loss is still there but crying just helps you pass out pain. Crying is a general way of showing emotions towards loss. But some people don't cry when heartbroken because they have other ways of processing their losses. But when you see a heartbroken person crying, as much as you console them, let them shed several tears to free up the mind.

An important way for getting over heartbreak is to think positively and be around positive energy as much as possible. Try to avoid people who remind you of the thing you are trying to get over. When you are heartbroken either from losing a loved one or a failed relationship or losing property, try to stay away from people who would likely enjoy your pain or try to hurt you again. Try to hold good friends closer. Yes, it would feel like people are annoying but there would be people who genuinely care and those people would be the ones that would help you pass through whatever you going through.

Avoid the former mistakes so as not to get heartbroken again. If you lost anything, it could be the cause of some mistakes, so learn to forget the past hurt but never forget the lessons it taught. When you learn from these heartbreaks, it would reduce the chances of you getting heartbroken by the same thing or something similar. Learn to dissociate from people and things that are likely to cause heartbreak.

For everyone suffering from one heartbreak or the other, just know that if you stay positive and try to overcome, you would overcome and whatever pain you are feeling would eventually heal. Stay glued on for more...

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