How to identify toxic relationship


A toxic relationship, firstly toxicity isn't written on the forehead but it is the major break of lots of relationships. Toxicity is when either one or both partners are taking undue advantage of each other which might cause serious harm to the person. The majority of victims in toxic relationships are females. But even though a person is identified to be in a toxic relationship, there is usual reluctance to leave the relationship especially when there are things attached like so-called infatuation, cash, or material gifts she might be receiving from the person. 

Most of the time when toxicity is identified in a relationship, it is mostly identified by someone not in that relationship because the people in the relationship are either too fixated on the relationship or they are in denial of it. Then, it is mostly seen as the guy taking advantage of the girl's feelings or her love for the things he does for her. Sometimes it is too late for the girl, in cases where she has died or has been dealt with lifetime scars that can never be erased. 

As much as excess fighting is a sign of toxicity too because it seems you and your partner are intolerant of each other. You find the things that you both get irritated by, like the actions of the other person. There can only be two outcomes in a relationship, it is either you both are tolerant and understanding of each other or you are both toxic to each other. This could be blind until you address the cause of the toxicity.

Abusive partners are a type of toxicity, whether verbal, physical, or emotional abuse of your partner means they are being toxic. When a guy physically abuses his partner for the first time, there is a 60-70% that the incident would likely reoccur. It is a very rare case when it is a one-off situation, and maybe the girl drove the guy's patience to the limit and he couldn't control his anger and now the girl knows when to stop when next they fight.

But in cases where he hits her for the slightest provocation, then the guy is exhibiting a high level of toxicity. She could be toxic too due to physical provocation when she knows that he can't hit her back and she hits him and sometimes brings injuries.

When people are dating or even married, whenever they have a falling out, they are ready to lay each other's secret bare, it's a sign of toxicity too. Verbally abusing your partner in a relationship is toxic too. Name-calling and immoral labeling are very bad and toxic. When he or she is more willing to include people into small matters that could have been easily resolved by each other, but gather people to solve it because they know these people would later take their side. When you insult your partner continuously, it begins to stick and become part of your everyday life.

Relationship is supposed to be symbiotic, not parasitic. But now, there are instances when one partner is gaining more than the other person, is not only not gaining nothing but they are also losing things too. When the partners are using each other, then toxicity is been played here. But there might be cases both of them are being toxic but the girl doesn't want to leave the toxic guy because she is gaining a few things.

You can also identify toxicity in a relationship when the said couple is keeping secrets from each other when a partner doesn't feel the other can hold such a secret and they bottle things from each other. It is glaring that the two couples aren't a faithful match but they still choose to stay together and be toxic. It is time, energy, and resource-wasting to stay in a toxic relationship.

If you ever find yourself in an abusive toxic relationship, especially if it is physical, emotional, the first line of the solution is your safety. If it means breaking up with the person and helping the person from afar. When they are threats to your life and safety, report to the appropriate authority for swift action. In other cases of toxicity, therapy could help, but that is only applicable if the partners have admitted to their toxicity and are ready to still stay together but on better terms. If your partner is not ready to change, it is advisable to move on from that relationship to reduce further damage you might have suffered.

Lots of youths are currently in toxic relationships but as friends of them, all we can do is advise them but the will to change is solely theirs. Help people around you to reduce toxicity in relationships, transparency is the best, honesty goes even a long way and true love conquers all toxicity. Stay on for more.

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