How to know the right man for you


When people want to choose a man or a partner, they usually choose the obvious, he must be God-fearing, must be rich, must be romantic, must be willing to say sorry first, must be this, must be that. But what if he is all this and he is still the wrong guy for you. Materialistic mindset has taken over love, women rather pair with the wrong guy because he is rich and willing than go for a lesser option and enjoy the joy of the relationship. 

It's great to aspire to a God-fearing man, but women should firstly look for a man that gets and understands them. You don't necessarily have to look at his pocket to know if he would be great for you. Get a friend first, a man that loves your flaws, someone that doesn't just see the physical you. He doesn't have to be lesser than you to appreciate you. There is no perfect person but there is a perfect person for each person. As much as possible watch for signs on whether he still likes you for who you are or just being lustful or being materialistic, if the lady is better to do.

One dangerous thing that all ladies must avoid with all vehemency is an abusive man. Any man that ever hits his partner should be deemed as dangerous. Lots of ladies stay with such guys either for money or so-called love, women should remember that love is kind, love is caring, love shouldn't cause you bruises, and black eye. No matter the thing you share with such a man, you should run once you see signs of abusiveness. Most times there are signs before marriage but women tend to shut their minds towards that, they claim he loves them and they love him too. The right man for you wouldn't hit you even though provoked, there are better ways to deal with anger, he could simply leave the place, or find something distracting so his anger doesn't aggravate. Women in abusive relationships and situations should speak up and report cases of violence of any kind to the authorities. Leaving such a situation could be very hard but it could be the best step you could ever take. 

Stingy guys are getting common, it's a turn-off for lots of ladies. The right man won't need a special way to spend on his woman. As much as attitude goes a long way, gestures like gifting, spending money with needing a special occasion goes a long way. The right man would be proud to call you his own. The term 'Trophy Wife' is slowly becoming a trend, men now marry their wife and are maybe not proud of her or feel insecure about her. They make sure they limit her life to the minimum and spend more time with the woman they like and feel comfortable with. 

The right man must be ready to fight for your love and be diligent in holding it. People tend to value what they fought and made sacrifices for. The same thing happens with love, if a man knows a woman's true worth, he goes out of his way to get her attention, a man that works hard to get your love and if he eventually gets it, he treasures it with all that he got.

It is important to get into a relationship with a man that you're friends with, someone you can joke with, someone that you can do somethings to and you guys would just laugh over it. In finding the right man to settle down with, make sure you are an understanding friend. This means you should not only find a man with a good sense of humor but someone that gets your humor. A man that knows what to do when you are upset or angry might have to show concern but he should be able to lighten the mood. 

In getting your right man, God-fearing is not enough, get a man that you can do religious things together like pray or go to church or mosque together. Your right man should have a strong backing in religion. 

After meeting your right man, he should be able to be as romantic as you want, be able to tell him if he isn't being romantic enough. Talk a lot, talk about the sexual content of the both of you. The right man for you would talk about and agree on how sexuality should be during the relationship. 

The right man for you always seeing a future in the nearest future. No woman should ever date or court a man that doesn't see a future with her. Every mature relationship entered by a woman looking for the right man should always watch out for signs whether he wants a family or not, how large or how small would be talked about and settled.

Trust, is one virtue that must never be missed. The right man should trust you without any doubt, he should know things you are capable of and things you can't do, this should always be vice versa. When there are signs of betrayal or misinformation, that is where constant and unhealthy communication comes in. You should be able to talk about different things and everything. Trust him first before any other person. 

There is no Mr right sitting out there waiting to be picked but you can build your right man with love, constant and healthy communication, his willingness to be flexible, and readiness to show unconditional love. Women should always watch out for red flags in their actions or behaviors. Run if the situation doesn't look healthy and could become dangerous. Women should be more concerned about their future with him than his pocket size. True love prevails at the end and there is a right man for everyone, so maybe you have been looking in the wrong direction, these tips will guide you. Stay on

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