How to motivate kids

Training a child could be one of the hardest things in a person's life. Children, especially the young and teenage ones could give a parent a tough time. So in an essential part of raising kids, motivation could set the tone for the kind of relationship the child would have with the parent and their interaction with society. There could be good and bad motivation but in this case, only positive motivation would be encouraged as it helps in molding the child's image.

The first thing to denote when motivating a child is showing love and the right affection towards the child. A child tends to have the right attitude to life when they are receiving positive love from the home front. Loving a child is important but showing that affection could be more integral to the child's motivation to live. Every child who has low self-esteem or is generally just bad usually has a home front where love is not fully in circulation or the child is not loved the right way. It is also possible to love a child negatively, this could motivate the child wrongly. A case of over pampering a child in the name of loving that child without letting the child experience life for themselves could make the child take life negatively. It is important as parents to always love the child the right way and let them experience for themselves.

Giving the child little responsibilities to show their importance. It is wrong to shy a child from responsibilities and does everything for them. Work itself could motivate a child, this could be achieved when parents hand their children little responsibilities and in turn, use those tasks to teach them life lessons. A child could feel useless if they have parents who do everything for them, it might not have an immediate effect but in the course of the child's life where the parents can't do the tasks anymore, the child is lazy towards the tasks as they have no experience in it. Even when a child does wrong, it is a good opportunity to talk to them about life and motivate them to do better. Learn to correct them with reasons.

Face-to-face talking is very important in the motivation of a child. Kids nowadays barely have intimate relationships with their parents. Parents also have a huge fault in this because, in their bid to make their children fear and respect them, they have unknowingly disgruntled the intimate relationship with their children. It is important to have a childhood fear and respect the parents but they should also be made to feel free to interact with their parents. Parents can't fully motivate their child or children because their children don't even tell the parents the challenges that they are facing because of maybe fear of parent's reaction or fear of being misunderstood. Parents should try to be more involved in their children's lives because a lot is going on with them and they as parents are missing out a lot and a little wrong motivation from the wrong source could ruin the child's life.

After having a good talking relationship with a child, it is also important to establish a vital role in the child's life. Learn to show interest in their activities. There might be times where a child's goals aren't the same as that of the parent's goals for the child, so it becomes hard to motivate the child. In that case, the first thing to do is to show your willingness to learn about the child's goals. That singular move could break whatever wall might be between parent and child. If the child is very good at a certain thing or has the prospect to be good at it, it is essential as the parent to show their support, and if the child is not so good at it despite their interest. The parent or guardian of the child can help guide the child towards a more productive role. All this can happen because the parent showed interest in the child's interest. 

Use life lessons to motivate the child. There is a saying that experience is the best teacher. So when a child is down or in need of motivation, the parents or guardian could use lessons learned from people who had taken that route or done something similar. In that case, the child knows what and what they need to put in place to upscale the obstacles. Children tend to learn better with experience, so you could show them stories, movies, or even music to motivate a child. Apply what holds the child's interest into motivating the child.

Know your child's role models and what drives the child. One huge factor that motivates a child is the activities of their role models and not all parents are the child's first role models. Whether or not the parents are the child's role models, they still have to live exemplary lifestyles. This is because a child first looks up to their parents before anyone else, the goal is to be better than their parents. So parents must not only live exemplary lifestyles but also set good standards that could motivate their children to become better than them. In the case where a child has other role models, the parents must get acquainted with that role model and the activities of the person. With that information, it becomes easier to motivate the child as you can show the child mistakes that they shouldn't make and things that they need to do to become successful.

It is the joy of every good parent that their children grow better than them. This is very possible with the right motivation that the child grows up with. So parents must get acquainted with their children to be able to motivate them and prepare them for the future. 

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