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Essay writing has proven to be one of the most searched topics by students all over the world and is one of the easiest forms of writing. This article would help you identify why you need to write an essay and tips to help you write an amazing essay anytime you want to.

An essay is used majorly in schools to access the ability and strength of the student's critical thinking in an academic context. Essays are written forms of long notes and when the markers read a student's essay they hope that it would address the topic in-depth and stand very clear and concisely. They lookout for the styles and the understanding of the student about the organization of the body of the essay. 

The above things are major points that the students should also put in mind when trying to write their essays as well.  Here are a few tips to help you thoroughly answer the questions in the mind of the markers and write a mind-blowing essay work.

Analyze the topic or question

Most essays come in form of questions or the student can be given a topic to write on. Students must carefully understand the question and to address it in writing, you must think like your marker would and answer appropriately. You need to ask yourself what are the specific key contents in the question or topic. You also must know what the topic is aimed at addressing and its focus. It would be easier to write when you have a focus on writing. To completely analyze the topic you must know in which style the essay would be written. It could be to narrate, discuss, describe, define, explain, evaluate, compare, argue, and so on. Understanding all this would help the student writer in building the words.

Outline your points coherently

You can write out key points that you would further explain in the essay as it is in a progressive form. You can't want to explain how to use a microscope without first explaining what a microscope is and what it is used for. Every essay has 3 main components which are;

The Introduction

The purpose of the introduction is to welcome the reader into the essay. The introduction should be a catchy one and it could be a piece of general information about the topic that you would be based on later. The introduction is telling the reader what they should expect from your essay and how you would take them through understanding why they believe what your question or topic says you should write about.

The Body

The body of the essay is the part that develops and explains very deeply your points. The body is the most important part of the essay and it is where you support your opinion with evidence and facts. The body of the essay is always written in paragraphs and the paragraphs connectors are used to line the words and arguments together to form the main piece.

Each paragraph should develop the main idea that supports all you highlighted in the introduction in a very organized way.

The conclusion

The conclusion of your essay should not show a new idea but it should be a support to all that you've written from the introduction and the body of the essay. You can use your conclusion to remind the reader about your main points and view about the topic. The conclusion is more of a summary. 

You can also show the reader what your thoughts are in questions that would make them think the way you did. You shouldn't keep repeating yourself but back up your words from the other components above.

Write clear and state sources

Under the analysis of the essay topic and question, you can state sources of evidence and information if it is needed in your essay for proper understanding and it strengthens the potency of your essay. The markers are also interested in a well-written clear essay. Clarity is gotten from thorough editing and review of the essay. If you're editing your easy alone you can use apps like Grammarly or can even give it to a professional but you must make sure to read it like a reader, not the writer. 

You can also ask yourself the following questions;

• Did your introduction correspond with the topic?

• Did you list your main point and avoid repetition?

• Did your paragraph align with the introduction?

• Did your other supporting sentences show that they support the main idea?

• How arranged is your essay?

• Is your sentence correct grammatically?

• Is your spellings right?

• Did you avoid repetition?

These are a few of the questions you need to answer to ensure that your essay is written clearly without confusion.


This is a final tip in writing down an amazing essay, don't think that your essay is error-free until you're proofread more than 2 times. Read your response to the question or topic well and see if it aligns with what the question or topic is supposed to address. Ensure that you also cross-check with your outline to be sure you didn't miss anything that you're supposed to include. To show that you're a good student of English, your grammar should be exceptional and there should be no mistake of structures, no typos or misplaced hyphens, apostrophes, commas, or full stops.

Don't think too much about writing an essay and let your creativity out. There is a writer in everyone and you just need to follow points for your essay to turn out well. Think about what you want to write, this is just a guide to what your essay should look like and address promptly. You can add your own words and make them unique in the way only you would write. We all have our writing styles. To build your essay writing, you can write every day as much as you can. It would help you improve and increase your scope of thought.

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