Love at first sight

Love at first sight, there are lots of different opinions about falling for someone at the first sighting. In this case, people mostly attribute it to things that happen in movies only but they tend to forget that most movies are based on actual life experience. Is it possible to fall in love at first sight, Yes? But there are things people must do even though you feel you have fallen in love with that person. When you fall in love at first sight, then it is because that person looked a certain way that caught your attention, or the person acted in a certain way that made you love the person but in all, something about the other person must have triggered it. There are steps to take if you feel you are in love with a certain person and want advancement of that too.

One thing is getting to know the person first, the other person might not at that moment share the same feeling so you might scare the person away if you start professing love at that moment, so getting to know the person first is a good start. Start as random friends, then as you continue trying to know more about the person and check how compatible you both are. Whether the other person shares your views and values, if whether he or she sees things the way you see them or similar to yours. 

In the process of getting to know the person, the character of the other person would start to show very well. When we all meet a new person, we all tend to act all good and graceful so we don't scare the person away. So by the time the friendship evolves, would the true character of the person surface. Then when you find out their true character, it's your choice on how to continue, whether you term the person as someone to date or just keep as friends. Another important aspect of the character is the diversity of it, how he or she would react to different situations, how he or she reacts under pressure or stress. Is the person short or hot-tempered, do they get destructive when provoked? Then after having the different scope of their character, do you think it's something you can manage or live within the case where you guys might share the same living condition. 

Another important thing to find out is if you eventually go on to the next level, in the case you guys became good friends, what is he or she bringing to the relationship and are you lacking in that place and the other person could help there. In every relationship they must both be symbiotic or else they won't last. Even if they have bad character and you choose to ignore it and still move on with asking the person out, it would reach a point where it would choke you and you would want out. Bad characters that the person refuses to address should never be ignored because it would eventually ruin the relationship if you decide to get into one. Do you like her or his way of thinking, is she too money-driven, is he too selfish and self-centered. Can you ignore the rudeness for long, would he or she not change after you start dating, is he or she a player or loyal. This and many more questions should be things you treat first before going into any relationship at all even the ones you fell in love with at first sight.

Another crucial thing to consider is what kind of future do you want to have with the person, do you see the person as marriageable or someone you just date for that season. You should never just date a person you fell in love with at first sight without knowing what the future holds for you both. You must discuss with the other person to know what he or she plan is for the both of you. If your plans are aligned then you can move on with the relationship but if you are just dating without any future or meaningful plan ahead then you are both wasting each other's time by dating. 

Is everything in place and you want to ask him or her or wait for the other person, if it is yes then.

At this point is where lots of relationships begin crashing right from the beginning because they failed to set the rules and terms of the relationship. What should be the DOs and DON'Ts of the relationship? You should never wait until you have been dating for a while before setting ground rules. The both of you should have had a serious discussion on what you want during your dating period till whatever your future holds. What level of romance is allowed, how often should you see because the other person might see you as clingy, what things must he or she never do. Another important factor is constant communication, then when you both have problems, you should try as much as possible to resolve it between you two and if that is not possible, you can take it to a person you both respect. Not bringing your friend or 'bestie' which the other person doesn't like to judge the issue knowing fully well that the so-called friend would take your side. Try as much as possible to resolve all issues between yourself first and tend to say sorry whether at fault or not, it eases the tension and allows better reasoning.

Both genders are capable of loving so both genders should be able to love at first sight but not all might be love, could be lust. Whatever way it is, never rush into any kind of relationship without first knowing what you are getting into. Stay on for more.

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