Never take NO for an answer


Generally in the world today, there are speculations about how people should live their lives and in what way they must behave as appropriately. One of the ways this has affected human living is having to receive a rejection from people whether ideas, opinions, or views about a particular subject or a project that could be profitable or not.

Whether in little or important things, rejection has effects on everyone, sometimes even in our everyday life, we see things that could discourage us, and this messes with our self-esteem. People having to handle rejection of all kinds have formed the basics for some advice and motivation given in the present times. From experience and facts how people respond to any situation thrown at them in life is dependent on their knowledge and information in experiences. 

To some people Never taking no for an answer could be a source of motivation and push them to do better by not giving up even in the face of rejection. And to some other people, Never taking no for an answer could be a source of discouragement to mean that they are not enough and they can give up on their dreams to become anything they want to.

Personally, Never taking no for an answer is most largely perceived as a motivation. People think in different ways and view through different lenses and perspectives, but a source of motivation is understanding that one person's rejection doesn't mean the whole world is rejecting you. The one person is like a ladder that you're climbing unto achieving all that you hope to achieve.

Seeing in this view and perspective is understanding that you can be all you want to be by responding differently to rejections. Ensure that you're not limited by the expectations that didn't end well. You can be that great and successful, all you need to do is believe in yourself, irrespective of the challenges coming in form of rejection.

In achieving your dreams and showing that YOU DON'T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER, you just have to believe that you have it in your inside. You can do it afraid but make sure you take action. Do it scared, if you must but you must not let NO come into your dream of leaving a print in the hearts of everyone that you've come across. 

You may have challenges and difficulties even after all this rejection because this life can't be rosy at all times but be sure that you'll come out victorious. You can and you will achieve your dreams. Just do not quit and believe in yourself. The ideas to make a change in the world are embedded in your inside. Everyone big didn't start big.

You will get tired, you will get discouraged, you will get tempted to quit, you will get exhausted, you will lose interest. But YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO GIVE UP on your ideas just because someone didn't validate them. They don't have the right to discourage you or make you less of the ability that you have inside of you. All these can only happen if you believe that your idea is valid, your opinion is valid, your view is valid, and if they say no, someone else would support your dream.

Here are a few things you can do when you hear "NO".

Being honest with yourself

Understand that your feelings are valid and if you feel bad it's fine at some point, you're not just expected to remain that way.

Acknowledge first that you got rejected and that you may need to evaluate and become even better. Instead of trying to convince yourself otherwise, first, understand it's fine to feel that way given your situation. You can even cry if you want to as a result of emotions. Another thing is to tell someone you trust and are close to about what exactly you are feeling. Ensure that they are very supportive and can encourage you not to make you feel worse. They can help to reassure you and relate with how you are feeling and help you handle it better to move beyond the pain of hearing NO.

Think Positively

You can train your mind to respond positively to every situation including negative ones. When dealing with hearing NO it's easy to feel that you're at the end of the road and get caught up. It becomes harder to even move past that stage. If you never want to take no for an answer. You must put in place a positive mindset and ensure that you're well guarded with positivity and get inspired to put in more to expect a different result. Positive thinking has helped a lot of people move past a phase of rejection and entering a phase of revaluation and do better than they already do.

Use the rejection to your advantage

Remember that rejection and hearing No in certain situations happened because you took a step to show the world about something amazing you have. Remind yourself that you tried your best and it may or may not have been enough to earn you a Yes. Converting this No to something amazing is an improvement that you can make. Using this rejection has a stepping stone for personal evaluation and self-improvement. It could be nudging to help you think differently and make even greater ideas pop up in the phase of hearing a No.

To never take no for an answer is something that could prove very challenging but you can. You can make a choice not to let a No define or direct you. Remember the world can be seen in different ways and if you are unfortunately on the darker side at one point, the tables would turn and the brighter side is just ahead. You must learn to NEVER TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER. You can be more, you can do more, you are permitted to dominate and make an impact in the world. It's all a part of your success story.

📸 Robin Schreiner

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