New Year's Eve


New Year's Eve is a day celebrated globally regardless of location and it's the last day of every year. The celebrations are usually huge and very exciting. This article will help you come up with New Year's Eve party ideas and make you feel excited about the New Year.

The past year was a very tasking year, but we still have good things that are worth celebrating at every point in time. New Year's Eve deserves a great celebration and if you'll be attending a church service or a party please do follow all the safety rules, this is the period of family festivities and celebrations ranging from Christmas Day to Boxing Day and till New Year. Safety guidelines are to help curb the spread of COVID-19 which is still raging and the new rise of the Omicron variant. In all the celebrations ensure you stay safe.

Technology has helped to reduce the risk of contact and as well as create a very conducive environment for a gathering as you could party over Zoom or have a small physical gathering. But if you would like a physical gathering, you can just make little cute wall decorations for photos, have sweet appetizers and snacks, and let the drinks be available. People would turn out for some end of the year fun and you would also get to see people truly happy celebrating the beginning of a New Year.

Here are 10 things you could do for your New Year's Eve party;

• Do a countdown from 30 seconds to the New Year

Doing a countdown with family and friends and people you truly treasure can be something so memorable. The countdown is a key part of the New Year tradition in many places. This is the perfect idea to make your New Year's Eve party pop.

• Play a party game related to the New Year

Entering the New Year is a big deal to most families, you can play games like board games and spinning bottles to just make the atmosphere very comfortable for the people. You can play family board games like Chess, Scrabble, Monopoly and so on. If you're partying over zoom, you can play 4 pics in one word.

• Have a recap of the year

The experiences we all went through this year differ from the other and a lot would have happened in the 365 days. New Year's Eve is a perfect time to reflect and evaluate all that has happened during the year. Sharing the special and celebration moments with friends and also sharing the difficult times you were tempted to give you. Just let yourself feel the gratitude for being alive to witness a new year.

• Do a New Year's Eve dance

You can do a dance or even have a dance competition depending on your choice, what's a celebration party without music and dance. You can have everyone pick a song and then the rest dance to it like a party playlist. You don't need to have a DJ for this stuff, you can just play via a speaker through your phones and let everyone have fun even while learning about other people's music choices.

• Create New Year decorations

There are so many DIY ideas that you can make together as a family and group of friends that would be used for New Year decorations. You could make photo booth designs that would be used to take pictures, make glitters for the celebration, build a disco wall, paint a picture of the New Year day and just allow everyone to flow creatively with whatever they are good at just to have fun and spend time with each other.

• Take pictures together

Because the New Year's Eve celebration is a very occasional one, it's a great time to take plenty of goofy pictures together with your family and friends as a form of remembrance and to enjoy the moment. You don't know what the next year has in store for everyone, this is a good opportunity and place to have a picture with everyone and celebrate as well.

• Have drinks and snacks 

What's a party without food? they say, Don't forget to make the party merry for them by letting everyone eat and drink to their contentment. Make toasts with the drinks to a New Year and let everyone enjoy the meal as a family. 

• New Year resolution

Everyone must start to think about what they would do differently in the coming year. Encourage them to write down their New Year goals and you can do this with style to make it all fun. You can make it in a way that they just have to write down and submit to you then you help them follow it up.

• Talk with everyone 

It's not too good a pleasant idea to enter the New Year holding grudges and not being happy with one another. Everyone should have a time where they are saying all that is on their minds and letting other people know what they did to hurt them. It's a form of unburdening and ensuring that everyone enters the New Year less weighted from the things that happened in the last year. This is a form of truth talk.

• Give gifts to neighbors

As this is a form of rounding up the year, everyone can have a partner that they would gift something for the New Year. This would help everyone to feel loved and important in other people's lives as well. You can also plan to give out New Year gifts to the orphans or less privileged. They would truly appreciate the kind gesture.

There you have it, these are ideas that you should try out this New Year's Eve. Make someone have a reason to rejoice and be happy. This can give someone hope of going through the New Year with so much confidence and joy that they would be fine. A simple kind gesture can change a person's life. Celebrate the ending of the Year sending love and receiving love.

Lastly, make sure you go to church to cross over to the New Year. 

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