Suicidal thoughts are not solutions


Oftentimes, people who have suicidal thoughts tend to think that taking the action can solve their problems which is often not true because they even leave their family in sadness because of their sudden unpleasant death. Suicide plans and attempts are common, according to statistics one out of 10 grown-ups consider suicide at a point in their life. This article will highlight proven ways to prevent and manage suicidal thoughts. 

Suicide can be referred to as the act of intentionally taking your own life. You can have suicidal feelings as an abstract thought about how to end your life or think that you could just die, it can also include making plans on how you can take your own life. Most times suicidal thoughts come as a result of the overwhelming feeling of fear, confusion, depression, anxiety, and passing through challenges. If you ever had suicidal thoughts you're not alone and you just need to watch what and how you think.

Ways to prevent suicidal thoughts:

Here are a few tips that we mostly ignored when it comes to suicidal thoughts prevention;

• Seek help from mental health professionals

Once you find out that you're facing overwhelming challenges and you're getting anxious, depressed or you are addicted to something like alcohol and drugs. You can seek help with a mental health specialist and even if in worst cases you can see a psychiatrist. You don't have to get to your lowest before you reach out for people to help you. Once you see that your treatment is not working or you don't feel better even after you're applying everything the psychologist or psychiatrist says you can speak up and seek further help but ensure you don't stay in a vulnerable phase.

• Be conscious of triggers and situations

If you find out some certain situations are increasing your feelings and making you feel overwhelmed that you're fighting suicidal thoughts. Avoid those situations and company consciously. Identify triggers and ensure that you're sane always and your thoughts are focused on the greater good.

• Great self care

It is important to take care of yourself in other to move past a lot of things. Create time to spoil yourself and enjoy the good things of life. You can also eat a healthy diet, do minimal exercises, just sleep all day, take less alcohol to depress your feelings or you can even stop. Alcohol sometimes looks like they make the feelings go away but it's not so.

• Carefully take prescribed medications

We all tend to think we can do without prescriptions and even tend to stop taking medications at points where we feel that we are well. Medications are to be taken with a doctor's prescription and if your medications are not working or you have side effects you can voice them out as well. Ensure that you carry your specialist along whenever you feel an improvement or delayed changes. 

• Do things that you have passion for

To take your mind off a lot of things, you can do activities that make you happy and please you. You can also imagine doing these things, if you feel overwhelmed or depressed. Give yourself a break from loneliness and enjoy the fresh breath. This can help to remind you that you can conquer suicidal thoughts.

• Think positively

Most of the time we focus more on negative feelings and turn every opportunity we have into thinking bad things will happen. You can think about your dreams, goals, visions that you're hoping to achieve and focus on them instead. Directing your thoughts positively will let you avoid negative thoughts and keep your mind sound.

Things that can help you manage suicidal thoughts

Managing suicidal thoughts might be something so big to handle but you don't have to let the thoughts get to you.

Here are a few things you can put in place if you're struggling with suicide or the feeling.

• Look for reasons to keep living

Most times when people think of killing themselves they've blocked all the reasons why they should still be alive and think more about why they should die. They think death is a way to escape the pain. To get out of that phase, focus solely on why you want to be alive, it could be your family, people you love, your relationship, your dreams, and plans for the future. Just hold on to this and move on. It would give you a ray of hope that you still have much to do on earth. You can write them down for proper reminders and can even make them into things that you can see daily, like wallpapers, sticky notes, and so on.

• Open up to a trusted person/friend

A mistake every suicidal person who has this thought does is that they hide it amidst all their feelings which is why people who kill themselves don't look like it. Talking to someone about how you feel can help you feel better and change your perspective on being alive. It would help you feel less alone and surrounded by people who want you around and would be hurt if anything were to happen to you.

• Don't respond to how you feel

If you feel that you are sad and depressed do things that would make you happy and active. Don't respond to your feelings. Doing the opposite that would yield a better result and you can even think of ways that suicide can help you. Make a journal about how you feel and find out things that can eliminate your feeling that way. Suicidal thoughts can be fought with the right mind. 

You need to know that suicide is not a solution to a problem. There is a lot that the world is yet to see through you. Engaging and letting suicidal thoughts dominate your mind would limit the reach of your potentials. There is something unique about you, don't throw it away. Talk to someone today, it's never too late, seek help and it would all turn out well for your good. The world is waiting for you! 

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