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Working moms with kids will find it difficult to balance some things as they have divided attention. One to their children and home and the other to their work. To strike a balance between this working moms need to ensure that none of this part of their lives suffers or is inadequately managed.

Fulfilling the roles and duties attached to being a mom while running a job isn't something you can do on a platter of gold. This article will provide tips that can help working moms gain a balance between their work and responsibilities at home.

Tip One: Have a working schedule

A lot of times working moms think they can't work according to schedule because they don't have enough time for themselves. They let work pressures affect them thinking they can't have time with their families. Having a schedule can help them balance everything as well as prepare them for the days they may be unavailable. Agree with your spouse that they would feel in for you on days that you might be too busy and unavailable. Carry your family along as they would understand that you're working with a schedule that may tamper with family time and strive not to make it all the time.

Tip Two: Make time for yourself 

For you to keep showing up at work and with your family you must take care of yourself. Working moms tend to forget about themselves and care about others first, but maintaining your mental health and prioritizing yourself would come a long way to sustain you and help you perform all your tasks more effectively. Have a time out for yourself as well, it's okay to take a break, you can agree with your spouse that they would cover up for you while you take a break from every activity and rest.

Tip Three: Plan your meals

This might look like something not serious but deciding what to eat every day can be so tiring and also getting ingredients to cook the food as well. Juggling cooking and buying ingredients daily with work will cause you to wear out easily. You can get a suitable meal plan from a dietitian or nutritionist to help lessen the burden of thinking about what to cook. You can do your ingredient or grocery shopping per week on weekends and preserve them in the freezer. Make a portion of food with a bigger quantity and also freeze for nights that you may be too tired to cook or not feel like cooking. On days where you're tired of eating routine, you can eat out or order food to be brought home. You can also have your spouse or children make food if they are old enough to.

Tip Four: You can delegate

Working moms tend to want to do it all alone by themselves because they think they can handle it. The delegation will make things easier for you. Your spouse can help your delegate and the kids can be helpful if you train them to be. They can run little errands and make it easier for you. To also motivate them you can give them rewards like extra money, extra food, and meat or a special gift. Teach them to work around the house with caution and to look out for each other because you won't be always available. They should be able to make cereals for themselves when they are old enough and the elder one can coordinate the home when you're busy with a work-related schedule.

Tip Five: Set a daily goal that can be attained

Don't choke yourself with activities that would be tiresome and in turn make you worn out. You can set goals that you know you can attain daily and if you have extra time you can still do more and ensure that you rest. You're not a superhuman being so don't try to make a to-do list that won't give you time to rest or do other stuff. Make your goals more logical to accomplish.

Tip Six: Have agreed working hours

As a working mom, agree with your boss that you would not be available after work hours for work and stick to it. If you don't do the work, someone else would. Set boundaries with your employer or a potential employer and ensure you don't break the boundaries. Ensure that your boss can't reach you through calls or emails after you're done working, any other work should be pushed to the following day. You can be unavailable to spend time with your family and relate with your kids on a much deeper level. Be committed to working as well as to family. Your employer would understand what it takes to work as a mom and everything you need to do. If you deserve a vacation break, ask for it. 

Tip Seven: Stay connected with your family

During the day and whenever you have breaks at work you can call up to check on your spouse or your kids. If you don't have the luxury of calling you can send a text or make a video of yourself talking to them about how you are or singing their favorite song for them. These little acts would make them feel more around you even though you're far apart. If you would miss something major at their school, let them know and encourage them to be bold about it. Explain to them why you can't always be around and try your possible best to show up whenever you can. You can surprise them after school to pick them up instead of the school bus and take them out on a treat just to unwind after the day.

Working moms must know that they are first more important than their work and that they can't always be available. Instead of beating themselves up about not being present in their kids' life, they could instead maximize the times that they are around them and make memories.

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