Wonderful December


The last month of the year is everyone's favorite month regardless of your tribe, religion, or race. December for Christians means Christmas, Christmas parties, and Carols. For Muslims, it could be Eid Mubarak, affiliating with their Christian friends in their celebrations. For organizations, schools, it means the end of the year parties, some doing Christmas carols. For everyone in general, it means the current year-end is imminent and a new year is knocking on the door.

December could also be a time for reflection, for those who had lost loved ones or properties while some have gained new loved ones and gained properties. The year might have been a rollercoaster for some, while some had a smooth run. For all who are alive and well and entered December, we look back at the year and be grateful to be alive. There is one thing that stands out the most during December. 

Parties are one thing that stands out during December, it is rumored that billions of Naira are spent every month in the country but by December the amount is usually doubled. Despite the complaints of citizens about the hardship of the country, people still go out of their way to make the month special for their families and friends. Organizations have to do end-of-the-year parties for their employees, where the best employee is rewarded and they give out Christmas bonuses to workers. 

December could also act as a harsh reminder for single youths, while for dating or married couples that is the time to spend money. Boyfriends get their ATM cards ready to please their partners with gifts, some partners are ready to return the gesture but others are just waiting to receive it in earnest. Families have to also buy each other gifts with the parents carrying the majority of the burden, especially with young families. Large and extended families gather in a family member's house to party and celebrate together. 

Schools aren't exempted from the festivities, as most schools organize both Christmas carol and end-of-the-year parties. Pupils and students of such school organizing Carols would have started preparing weeks ago so they could put on a good show. Parents and guardians of children are invited to attend these carols. After such parties and carols, students are bombarded with loads of assignments and released for the end of the year holiday.

Outings are an integral part of the December month. Parents, guardians, couples, and scores of people come out to have a nice time. Malls, cinemas, parks, beaches, and every eye-catching place is filled with people. Every single day of December sees these places filled but days like Christmas Day and Boxing Day see even more people trooping out for a nice time. 

Churches are especially busy during this time, as they have to prepare for Carols and celebration services. Most churches nowadays prepare special welfare packages for their members and less privileged people. These tokens are passed out so people could have something to eat and celebrate for the year. Muslims organize special prayers for a good year and some also have get-togethers where they celebrate the old year and welcome the new one.

For lovers of entertainment, whether it be music, comedy or movies. Countless shows are put on during this time. Movies are premiered, artists shut down shows all over the world and comedians make us forget the worries for the year with amusing and captivating humor. There is practically something for everyone, from young to old, as even TV networks hold Christmas parties for young children and shows for older folks.

While all these festivities are going on, armed forces and the Police still have to work, because lots of criminals use the disguise of the festivities to commit crimes. With Christmas bonuses ringing out of most employees' bank accounts, safety becomes a considerate concern. 

Everybody likes December, especially with a year like this, people can't wait to see the new year and December reminds us that it isn't that far anymore. So while we countdown to Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and most importantly the new Year's Eve, we do so with high expectations for a last-minute of good news, something to crown the year as glorious. With University and boarding school students returning, loved ones spending more time together, December could be indeed themed Wonderful. Stay on ritrends.com for more...

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