How to deal with depression

Depression has surfaced to be one of the challenges that is facing the global village, according to statistics, more than 3.5% of deaths were attributed to depression. Most young adults and even adults are struggling with depression and while handling the depression they have to put up with schooling, associating with friends, parent anticipations, and just even getting out of bed is a struggle for such persons.

This article is directed at giving reasonable and logical steps to battle against depression and be back to your normal self again. Here are tips to help you exist above depression and help others make progress.

Learn how to stop negative thoughts

Depression thrives on thoughts majorly and they cause the depressed person to think more negatively and believe that they are stuck in an ocean of darkness which most times is a make-believe trick of the mind, when people can't find an easy way out of challenges and problems.

Stopping negative thoughts is a start to battling every depression-related issue. There's a kind of treatment that helps to eliminate depression and stop unhealthy thinking habits. There are also many apps, courses, and communities both virtually and physically that can help you focus your thoughts on the positive things and think more appropriately in every situation.

Improve your sleep hygiene and pattern

A study done in 2014 showed that more than 70% of people who battle with depression or anxiety and other disorders experience sleep disturbances as mood and sleep are very related to how a person behaves and thinks. Most depressed people are unable to sleep and most times they feel weary after sleeping at all times thereby causing them to squabble out of bed and wake up tired.

This can be referred to as bad sleeping hygiene and to stop depression, a good sleeping pattern would need to be implemented. To help you sleep better, electronic appliances should be off for at least an hour before sleep and you can use dim light to engage in other activities if need be. Experts advise that you shouldn't use your bedroom for work-related activities but only for relaxation because this can cause your brain to associate your bed with stressful activities.

Build a support circle

A very important thing you can do to help yourself out of depression than therapy struggles and medication designated by professionals is to have and develop a strong support team or inner circle. This may mean having stronger relationships with your friends and family and not thinking you can handle it alone. Some people truly care about you and when you understand that, it would help you count on them and receive the love and support they offer to help you feel better and do better.

For some others you may need to join a depression support group, more like a community where other depressed people come together to support each other, it doesn't need to be an onsite or corporal support group, the mental fitness of a depressed person is important and it may be an online reinforcement group that can help to meet the needs of such person.

Reduce your stress

Naturally for every person when you're under stress the body produces a hormone called cortisol. On a temporary phrase, it could prove to be a good thing as it can help you manage what's causing the stress in your life. But over the lengthy run, it could cause depression because the more you use the hormone and it keeps secreting, your body would get used to enduring the stress. Rather than allowing your body to discharge the hormone, it's better to reduce activities and things that can stress you, hereby helping you grapple with depression.

Fight procrastination

This may look so irrelevant but the warnings of depression-like fatigue and distraction can make you want to procrastinate and this can fuel your depression and even lead to guilt, worry, and more depressing thoughts. You can set deadlines for your tasks and have short-term goals to help you manage your time well. As you keep completing tasks you'll fight and break through the habit of procrastinating  

Improve your eating patterns

Research has shown that there is a clear link between the diet of a person and their mental health and further study has shown that improving nutrition can be used to prevent or treat mental health. The increased deficiency of Zinc can be associated with depression and enhancing your diet and eating habits can be the solution to a breakthrough from depression. You will need to do this with advice from a professional.

Do household chores 

Being depressed can make it very impossible to focus and do home chores and an unhappy person will keep stacking paperwork, have dirty clothes and dishes because they are often too tired to work. Doing daily household chores can help you start to feel better and staying in a clean environment will restore your positive energy and help you feel better.

Have a self-help kit

This can be a set of tools that you can use to help make you feel better whenever you're feeling down and you can't reach out for help. You can consider the things on these kits, things that you enjoy doing and don't find stressful to do. It could be listening to your favorite song, watching a childhood comedy, reading a book to help calm your nerves.

To make things easier you can have a list of all these activities and name them your self-help kit, then you try any of the things you've written, whenever you're having saddening thoughts or going through an arduous time.

Depression should be handled with care and can be overcome as long as you're ready to fight it and give it all it takes to be free. Make use of every chance you have to deal with depression. The world is waiting for the non-depressed you to take over and bring about the change. 

People are rooting for you, don't stop fighting, you can do this.

Say NO to depression!

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