How to cope with a jealous partner


Coping with jealousy can be very tasking especially when the jealous person is your partner. Of course, jealousy has ruined a lot of relationships but there have been people who decided to still stay with a jealous partner because of certain reasons. Yes, it is possible to stay with a jealous partner but it is not easy as lots of factors have to be in place so that the relationship doesn't get toxic or the partners become abusive of each other.

A major thing that must not only be in place but also very strong is the feeling you have for your partner. Love would play a huge role in helping the relationship to stand. If there is an absence of love or a diminishing of the affection shared in the relationship, the relationship would be doomed. Love is important in every relationship but it plays an even more vital role when the guy is dealing with a jealous girlfriend. There would be times when the situation would be devastating but the love the guy has for the lady would be what would prevent him from doing anything that might end the relationship.

Tolerance is very important when dealing with a jealous partner. When a guy acts jealous or is just jealous of his partner, he could get extreme at times. Jealousy mostly doesn't have a limit as he could be cajoled into doing devastating things. When the girl finds out, he would have been able to tolerate her excesses. For guys would easily get provoked into anger, they certainly can't stay with a jealous girlfriend as she would constantly do things that would get on his nerves and anger him. Tolerance level would be tested but your stamina to withstand her would decide whether or not the relationship would stand.

Teach her how to trust you better. Most times where a girlfriend is jealous, it is because her boyfriend is doing things to trigger that feeling. So when you find out that the girl is the jealous type, try not to do things to fuel the feeling. Reducing your closeness with some enviable girls would help also. You can't have a female best friend as a guy when you know fully well that your girlfriend is jealous because she would never be at ease with your closeness with her. Let her know all your female friends and your level of closeness with each of them. There would be times when you are talking or chatting with the female friend, including her in those conversations so she sees that there is nothing to worry about. 

Another thing to note is to always try to resolve your issues within yourself and never let your friend be the judge in such matters. It is more reliable to use a mutual friend so she doesn't suspect anything. Sometimes she is not jealous of your female friends but her friends who associate well with you. So always try not to get too tangled with her friends so she doesn't suspect her friends and react negatively.

Communication is great but constant communication is better. Always talk to her about things bothering you. If she sees you bothered and you don't tell her the issue but you only tell her the good news, she would suspect that there is someone else you confide in more than her and she is mostly right. She might not always have the solution to your problems but that including her would put her mind at ease and she would know how important she is to you.

Patience is key, you have great patience if you want that relationship to work. She would do things that would surpass your tolerance level but that is where patience comes in. You have to be calm and try not to let her words and actions provoke you to anger. Sometimes you don't have to explain that moment because it could result in the exchange of words so you could just wait she is calm and in a better frame of mind to talk intelligently then you explain your actions to her truthfully and try to say things that would not reignite the fights or jealous again.

Every guy should notice that any girl tends to get jealous, so you must always be ready to withstand the relationship when such a trial comes up if you want the relationship. No girl or guy is perfect but they certainly can be perfect for each other so you just need to find your compatibility and work on it. 

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