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New Year's day is the 1st of January, the very first day in a brand New Year, regardless of the day of the week it falls on, New Year's day is celebrated like no other. This is a day that could also be regarded as a new beginning in people's life. It could also mean the end of a bad chapter. Throughout the previous month December, people look forward to making it to the New Year's day. If there is one thing that is sure about New Year's day, is that it signifies a new beginning that the New Year is pregnant with surprises whether good or bad. The New Year's day also draws the curtains on the previous year and that this is a New Year and other things would likely happen that may have been seemed impossible the previous year. New Year's day is also another worldwide accepted holiday.

One tradition that is used every New Year's day is the making of resolutions. People every New Year, make New Year's resolution where they resolve on what to do differently at the beginning of every New Year and what not to do. This resolution could be written down and pasted so the individual could see them regularly to keep them in check. Even with all this, over 60-80% of New Year's resolutions never make it to the third week of January. With less than 30% even make it to the middle of the year and even less figure making it to the year's end. Even with the probability of breaking the resolutions, people still make lots of them, some even being daring like trying to abstain from taking in sugar or from doing something they usually do. After the resolutions are made and in some cases written down, the battle is now on how long they can hold up the resolution.

Another fun thing about New Year's day is the food. Just like christmas day, New year's day is another time to eat to our fill. Food is usually known as an important medium in any celebration, so  New Year's day plays a huge part as it is celebrated by all religions, tribes, and works of life. Just as the delicacy options have been improved like in the christmas time, the same thing has been implemented on the New Year's day. This celebration tends to be more elaborate as not just Christians celebrate New Year's day but by all. The New Year's food is one to savor because it is the first time a person is eating in the New Year and this is why it is made to be very special and be one that is a lasting memory.

New Year's day is unique because people are still caught in the christmas spirit and the New Year's spirit is welcomed even more because of the feeling of a new beginning. With religious bodies organizing cross-over services and lots of entertainers organizing shows to cross over. There is something for everyone and there is always a place to go to so a person can cross over to the New Year in the company of others. New Year's day is another fun day spent with the family, with lots of families taking their family members out for treats and fun experiences.

Sharing, giving, are words that should be backed with actions during the New Year. People go to orphanage homes, prisons, homes for rehabilitation, and lots more to put smiles on people's faces. This gesture is to show that though they might not be in the best of places they are still very much loved and shared. It's good to give people outside but try not to forget people around you, the little gifts we give out might be the single nice gesture the person has gotten in a while. So learn to give more than normal during this period.

On new year's eve, gather all your grievances still unsettled that you have accumulated over the year and try to squash them all by New Year's day. Starting the New Year on a clean slate is very healthy for the body and mind. Carrying old burdens and fights could dampen the New Year's spirit and ruin the beginning of the New Year. 

This New Year, try to be extra positive and extra careful with what and where you cross over with. Little things that you do this New Year's day and beginning might either make or mar the year for you. So stay your best and help others. Ritrends wish you a prosperous and fulfilling New Year ahead. Stay with us for more.

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