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Do you have a budding interest in children and their welfare or are you considering a business opportunity in creche and daycare services? This article will let you know what to do when it comes to owning and opening a creche and daycare services.

According to statistics in Africa, the urban area has experienced a rapid decline in the number of full housewives and has more and more women working at paid jobs or even running their entrepreneurship brands and small businesses. The result of this trend is that there are now more women that need the services of creche and daycare structures. Even down to the middle-class families are now able to afford these services and know their importance to the early growth and development of their children. 

The fun thing about the creche and daycare services is that it's a business plan that can be operated from your home and it gives a sense of fulfillment of the purpose for people that have passion and want to be fully involved in children and all that concerns their development. Let's dive right into all that creche and daycare services are involved.

What are creche & daycare services?

They are the facilities that are given to babies, toddlers, and even young children during the day by a person or group of persons that are not the child's parent, guardian, or even a member of the child's family. This is different from babysitting which is done in the home of the child by someone different.

The creche and daycare services require that the child is taken to a different location which is referred to as the daycare center for the child to be cared for and taught basic things. Most children in the daycare are from the age of one and five. Daycare services in most places include a range of babysitting children to a form of pre-school education, discipline for children, fun and mental activities that will inculcate uprightness, child development, and lots more.

Here are a few of the factors that are responsible for the high demand for creche and daycare services across the world.

1. More women are joining the working class

When the world wasn't this filled with technology and people, most married women preferred to stay at home and look after their children but now the reverse is the case as more married women are now working in the corporate world and owning businesses to ensure their financial independence.

Working mums now need a place where their kids can grow and interact with other children safely, so they can focus on building their careers, this situation has turned into an opportunity for entrepreneurs to provide such services to people who are willing to pay.

2. Valuing pre-school education

More parents around the world now are placing value on the benefits and important effects of quality creche and daycare services. Research has shown that children in daycares develop better than children in homes because they are exposed to the right knowledge in the early developmental years. Facilities are put in place to help the children developmentally and physically and also complement the parent's care and values.


As simple as it sounds, providing the necessary facilities for children to grow is a big responsibility and work. Here's a list of the important things you must note when you want to start a daycare service.

1. Check what laws must be fulfilled

There are different laws in different countries that guide children and all related to them. They may require that your creche and daycare services be certified or licensed by government authorities or agencies. These laws are there to frown against every form of abuse and they may often increase the cost of running the business.

Some of the laws may give specific requirements for staff and children to be admitted, the content of things to be taught, and so on.

2. Good location

Getting the perfect location for your creche and daycare services is important. The ideal location for the daycare center should be a safe, clean, and well-ventilated place that is close to residential areas for the target audience. It's important to note that potential dangers must be kept away from any location that is chosen. In addition to picking a great location, the creche building should have enough space and necessary facilities like blankets, beds, toys, toilets, and even bathrooms, playgrounds, and bedrooms.

You must keep in mind that you need an atmosphere that appeals to both parents and children.

3. Hiring the right staff

The right kind of people is crucial and key to the success of your daycare business. Your staff must be passionate, sensitive, patient, and should have empathy for the children. They must be people of good report and reputation. If your business builds a reputation, it will be easier to get new customers through referrals.

Also, note that your staff should be well trained in giving basic first aid treatment so they don't cause accidents unknowingly. You can hire an experienced nanny, a retired nurse, and other people who fit into the important qualities.

4. Have a valuable educational plan

Parents want good value for their fees, ensure that you have a plan that will help to improve the children mentally, emotionally, and physically. They will gladly recommend you to other people and that will keep you in business and build a reputation for you. 

You can engage the children's curiosity and teach them games, rhymes, songs, numbers, and alphabets, use toys that will help them learn and find what is their uniqueness to help them develop it. Give them the right attention and discipline and also feed them well. Ensure that they are healthy at all times.

5. Have a concise record

You must keep an accurate record of all your clients and their wards, transactions, and programs. Have vital information about them like names, addresses, ages, contact details, medical history, allergies, and so on. The records can help you detect problems or serve as evidence and help you improve on your services.

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