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Valentine's Day is one of the most popular celebrations of love around the world and it has its history dated way back and understanding the history that led to this holiday isn't even having anything to do with lovers giving gifts and receiving gifts as this was a tradition adopted over the time. A lot of people know and regard valentine's day as a special couples day to get closer with your partner, have dinner reservations in their favorite places, enjoy their company, and do special things. 

This article would show you all you need to know about Valentine's Day and give you suggestions on what to try out this coming valentine's.

Valentine's Day this year will fall on a Monday. It's a widely acknowledged date as of February 14. Are you wondering about how Valentine's day came into existence? Keep reading.

The day was declared by Pope Gelasius in the late 5th century and since then it's been a day of general celebrations for both religious and romantic reasons. The Valentine's day fixed on the calendar came up as a mid-February holiday on the Lupercalia, an ancient Roman calendar in existence then and that led most historians to believe the day is all about love. Lupercalia celebrated fertility as well and there was a ritual that involved women and men paired by choosing random names from a jar. It's recorded that in ancient Greece the people observed a mid-winter celebration for the marriage of their god Zeus and goddess Hera.

Following this history is Saint Valentine's day a feast for the catholic religion and it was added to the liturgical calendar dated back as 500 AD. It was a day for the commemoration of a martyred saint called Valentine. Some historians recorded this as for Valentinus as well, although it was a conflicting history as there weren't too many people that knew the correct history and this led to the date being removed from the Christian calendar in 1969.

Even though not much is known about the original history of Saint Valentine's the reason for the holiday is because there are several stories about it. A well-known legend says that Saint Valentine was executed by the Roman Emperor Claudius II for refusing to convert to paganism from Christianity and according to this legend he was able to convert the jailer and his family by healing his sick daughter. Another legend says there's a Saint Valentine of Terni and he's the real Saint Valentine.

Regardless of all this, the relationship between Saint Valentine and the lovers' celebration of valentine's is that Saint Valentine served as a priest who did weddings for soldiers forbidden to marry because of the Roman emperor decree about how marriage distracts young men. It was reported that Saint Valentine wore a cupid ring that symbolizes love and it helped soldiers that wanted to get married recognize him, alongside this he gave cards to Christians as a reminder of their love for God which made him known as Patron Saint of Love. 

The word Valentine was used to describe lovers and it led to a worldwide celebration of love as the times began to change.


If you're here for the romantic ideas to try out with your partner this coming valentine's day. Here's a list of a few things you can try out with your partner, friends, family, and every other person you have intimate relationships with.

Home dinner

If you like to cook, you can treat your partner to an exclusive dinner for both of you alone, it could be their favorite food or just something different from the normal day-to-day feeding. You can get creative with the drinks and how you present the dinner. Serve appetizers, desserts, and a few aphrodisiacs they like in your food.

Give something special 

Valentine's day is a perfect excuse to give gifts to your partner, it may be something they've always wanted to have. It shows how much they mean to you and how well you're thinking towards them. They will understand if things are tight and you still try to rough up something for them, you can even start saving towards the gift now.

Candlelight dinner 

If you're not too into cooking, you can go for a romantic restaurant dinner date. There will be lots of restaurants running with a valentine's special menu. If you can afford it, you can reserve the whole restaurant to give them a feeling of importance and access to be free to express themselves and how they feel.

Spend time with your partner

A lot of partners rarely have physical time with their partners because of workload and deadlines. You can use this Valentine's like the perfect excuse to spend time with your partner and just enjoy their company while you watch a Netflix movie and just chill. This would make them know and remember that they are important to you as much as work is. You can even get them flowers and a love card to celebrate the day.

Have an intimate party

This would be a party but with just the two of you, you can do their favorite things and just have fun. Play music, dance, be vulnerable to each other and do all you would do at a party. Set the place to be cozy and have intimate times with them. You are creating your world and they are a part of it. Let them flow and enjoy the moments they spent with you. You can as well pull a gift trick on them after this intimate party and let them feel loved.

Apart from these ideas, you are highly recommended to do things your partner would appreciate and communicate with them beyond Valentine's day. You don't need a special day to celebrate them, the little things matter even if they hate to admit it. On this note, wishing you a very interesting and fun Valentine's day. Use the time wisely.

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