Why you should always make out time every day to read


Reading, everyone is familiar with the word and what it means. As learned people, we have learned that reading helps us understand things and teaches us new things also. By reading, we learn, unlearn and relearn new things, so that is why reading has come to be very important in everybody's life. Reading is not just left to students alone as even adults have to read to keep up with the pace of the world and learn new things also. This is why it is extremely important that as humans willing to learn new things, we must make sure we read every day. No matter how busy we might seem, it is important to read every single day.

One important thing of reading every day is to learn new things as listed above. The world as we know is changing every day and new things are discovered and the things we thought of as facts before are now being discarded. If a person doesn't take time out to read, they begin to list wrong facts in conversation or presentation and their credibility is been doubted. As workers, if there is a need to make a presentation, you would need to do research, and this is where reading comes in. The internet has been such a blessing as it has made research work so much easier and people could read and easily assess files. When you list out recent facts as well as well processed history in such a presentation, it makes you look smart and capable of the job at hand. 

Reading every day also keeps you abreast of the things happening in the world. Newspapers, journals, magazines, pamphlets, the Internet, are ways we could read recent events and learn of the new world. It is said we have just eight planets in our Solar System, that Pluto is now regarded as a satellite rather than a Planet because of its diminished size, if a person who had learned about the Solar System and the nine planets years back but hadn't been reading, they won't know that there are just eight planets now in the Solar System. This is just one of the numerous reasons why reading daily is advised. 

As students, it is more than important to read daily, you are to read before classes, after classes, and also during free time. Students are to be involved in daily reading because things they are been taught are based mainly on history and as we know history is changeable. A particular example is an Atomic theory, John Dalton, an English teacher and chemist was the first person to define an atom. He said that an atom is an indivisible matter that can take part in a reaction. But after more research by other scientists, it was discovered that the atom is divided into three parts, the Neutron, the Proton, and the Electron, this then brought about what is regarded as the Modern Atomic Theory. So as students when you learn something in class or a textbook, check recent facts on that thing and see if adjustments might have been made to the things you learned.

Health professionals are one of the people whose daily reading is most applicable because more and more discoveries have been made in the science of man, animals, and plants. Some plants have been discovered to have some good in the human metabolism but we learn this by reading about new things. A way to treat HIV was discovered recently and this is only known because people have read and studied daily. Health professionals must study daily because they need to learn about the new ways to help treat the human body. They would need to learn new surgical methods before even experimenting with them and then trying them on humans.

Writers and teachers or lecturers must also read daily because they send out information and are mostly looked up to for correct information. Then their information has to be top-notch recent and fact-checked thoroughly. They also stand the chances of losing their credibility if they are found to give out the wrong information or outdated facts. Before writing any post, article, or even material, you must have done thoroughly fact-checking and even at the point of publishing, also check through the information said in the materials. Teachers and lecturers have to check through topics before teaching the class to make sure their students have the best information.

Reading daily is for everybody even parents as well all have to have first-class information to set ahead in the society. Read every day no matter how little, not just reading but studying to get the best of the information too.

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