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Dogs, man's best friend. When we evaluate the amount of money spent on the care of dogs in foreign countries, it's overwhelming. We feel the whites spent too much money and attention on pets, especially dogs which are the majority pets owned by people. But over the years, as we have become more westernized, we have come to take extra care of our dogs. Puppies, baby dogs are one of the most sold pets worldwide. This means, they aren't just fluffy, hairy, and cute creatures, they are also a very lucrative business venture. With different branches that can be established, from a vet hospital to a pet feeding store, to a pet retailing store, or even a puppy grooming company. There are a couple of things to note when opening a puppy-related business. 

Firstly, is having love for puppies and dogs in general. It is always advantageous to enter or start a business that you love doing not just for financial gain, but it is more crucial when starting an animal business, especially a puppy business. Without having love for the business, the rate of growth of the business would be very slow as it would be evident that you don't love the business. Puppies are a bundle of joy and when the person who takes care of them doesn't radiate that joy, it tends to dull everything up and even affect the puppies and dogs as a whole. 

Types of Dogs

• Afghan hound

• Airedale terrier

• Akita

• Alaskan Malamute

• American Staffordshire terrier

• American water spaniel

• Australian cattle dog

• Australian shepherd

• Australian terrier

• Basenji

• Basset hound

• Beagle

• Bearded collie

• Bedlington terrier

• Bernese mountain dog

• Bichon frise

• Black and tan coonhound

• Bloodhound

• Border collie

• Border terrier

• Borzoi

• Boston terrier

• Bouvier des Flandres

• Boxer

• Briard

• Brittany

• Brussels griffon

• Bull terrier

• Bulldog

• Bullmastiff

• Cairn terrier

• Canaan dog

• Chesapeake Bay retriever

• Chihuahua

• Chinese crested

• Chinese shar-pei

• Chow chow

• Clumber spaniel

• Cocker spaniel

• Collie

• Curly-coated retriever

• Dachshund

• Dalmatian

• Doberman pinscher

• English cocker spaniel

• English setter

• English springer spaniel

• English toy spaniel

• Eskimo dog

• Finnish spitz

• Flat-coated retriever

• Fox terrier

• Foxhound

• French bulldog

• German shepherd

• German shorthaired pointer

• German wirehaired pointer

• Golden retriever

• Gordon setter

• Great Dane

• Greyhound

• Irish setter

• Irish water spaniel

• Irish wolfhound

• Jack Russell terrier

• Japanese spaniel

• Keeshond

• Kerry blue terrier

• Komondor

• Kuvasz

• Labrador retriever

• Lakeland terrier

• Lhasa apso

• Maltese

• Manchester terrier

• Mastiff

• Mexican hairless

• Newfoundland

• Norwegian elkhound

• Norwich terrier

• Otterhound

• Papillon

• Pekingese

• Pointer

• Pomeranian

• Poodle

• Pug

• Puli

• Rhodesian ridgeback

• Rottweiler

• Saint Bernard

• Saluki

• Samoyed

• Schipperke

• Schnauzer

• Scottish deerhound

• Scottish terrier

• Sealyham terrier

• Shetland sheepdog

• Shih tzu

• Siberian husky

• Silky terrier

• Skye terrier

• Staffordshire bull terrier

• Soft-coated wheaten terrier

• Sussex spaniel

• Spitz

• Tibetan terrier

• Vizsla

• Weimaraner

• Welsh terrier

• West Highland white terrier

• Whippet

• Yorkshire terrier


Another thing to note is the financial aspect of starting or joining a dog rearing business. Due to the increase in dog attention over the years, puppies, especially rare breeds or rare crossbreeds have tended to cost a lot of money running into thousands of naira. Food for dogs is a lot pricer, especially for those agencies who don't like the idea of giving their dogs household food. There are very few medicines for dogs based in Nigeria, so most of the dog's and puppies' medication have to be shipped in from abroad. Those who retail would have to add more prices because of shipping costs. Even vet hospitals sell at that high price or even higher. 


Another lucrative part of the dog rearing business is the breeding and cross-breeding of dogs. Breeding is the mating of the same species of dogs while cross-breeding is the mating of two different species of dogs to form a crossbreed. Grooming or cross-breeding centers have benefited a whole lot in the increased attention. All centers don't have so many dogs to crossbreed or normal breed with but they have made money by linking two or more different dogs owners together to make cross-bred puppies. When puppies or dogs are sold, the information about the owners and type of dog is kept by the agency if mating is needed. The agency can also provide the venue and appropriate arrangements for mating to be successful. Some agencies have even carried out artificial insemination, this is when sperm is extracted from the male dog and artificially implanted into the female reproduction to make breeding faster. Dogs mate according to their mating heat, but artificial insemination bypasses this method. They have quite ways of collecting payments for this service, some agencies like to take some of the puppies realized for later retailing while some just take monetary payments.

Vet hospitals have come to be a successful venture but it is still a lot based on location, financial adequacy, and equipment efficiency. When opening a vet hospital, the availability of animal patients is very important, most pets kept by Nigerians are dogs and likely cats, so there has to be a lot of materials focusing on that aspect and still touching the others like horses, donkeys, or cattle. Having skilled vet doctors, nurses, and caregivers are important. Dogs, especially puppies tend to play a lot and sometimes wander to dangerous places, so there is a possibility the puppy is beaten by a snake or poisonous creature, the vet hospitals are to have tranquilizers and immediate care on standby. Location is also important, Northerners in Nigeria mostly keep cats so a dog-based vet hospital in the North night is as profitable as in the South. State-of-the-art vet hospitals would fetch a lot of money too because people take care of their dogs and they want to see them given the best care available.

A few years ago, opening a pet-related business might not have been the best plan but today, they have gone up in good value. I could sight an example of a pet store around me that had started as a small shop selling just dogs and cats feeds, but recently they have expanded tremendously. They now sell leashes, cages, feeds for other animals too like fishes or cattle and they also have an in-house emergency medical center with vet doctors and nurses on standby. People have seen that Nigerians have started to take extreme care of their pets and leave no stone unturned to ensure that their pet dogs have the most fulfilling lives. 

Puppy business is great fun but it is also very important to know what you are doing before getting involved in it to avoid losing money or worse losing puppies or dogs due to lack of care. Over the years, animal control in Nigeria has cleared streets strays to be groomed and sold later. From stay close...

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