Tell a lie in relationships, all your truth becomes questionable


Lies in a relationship, people tell lies in relationships to tell themselves it all to prevent misunderstanding or maybe break up. But studies have shown that lies never work alone and we always have to tell one lie after the other to cover each lie and by the time we realize it, we have a large pack of lies that could do more damage than good to the relationship. Some people don't even know how to be truthful to their partners anymore and when they tell the truth, it looks like a lie.

Starting a relationship based on a lie or pack of lies is destined to be doomed as they always find a way to catch up with the person that lied. Once you know this is a person who you would like to have something special with then lies should have nothing to do with you or the partner. There are times where you have been truthful through the relationship and you tell a lie once and then everything you had said before becomes suspicious even if you're telling the truth before then. Lying about one's status could be such a lie that throws other things said into jeopardy. Fake life, the common lingo to describe such a lie, is lived by thousands of people mainly young people all over the world to show off statuses that aren't theirs. As much as possible try to make sure that your partner in the relationship knows your true status as that would also ease a lot of unnecessary secrets and future lies in the relationship. If such a person feels that they can't date you due to your status not being even, move on from that relationship and know that there is someone just perfect for you out there. Don't fake it till you make it because you just might break hearts.

As much as your partner trusts and loves you, never lie to them about your other association with other people as that kind of lie comes back to haunt you and does not always end well. Let your partner know your friends, work friends, school friends, or just normal friends. Even if it's an old ex that might be trouble, let your partner know about it so they can prepare for any surprises that might come from that end. When you get fishy calls or texts, let your partner in on it, so they feel they matter to you since you can share that part of life with them. When you keep such information secret and they later find out, it would be hard to believe you and they would likely believe anything that person says.

As you tell them about your relationships with people, keep them in a constant loop of things going on with your life. Let them know about decisions you make or want to make, view their opinions, and let them know how valid their opinions are. It is good to have a limit, yes, but once the problem or decision might likely affect the relationship, then it becomes a collective decision. Let your partner make decisions concerning you both, make compromises for the better of the relationship, and to make your supposed partner know that they are special to you.

Never lie about your feelings, first to others and most especially to your partner. Don't just tell the person anything to make them feel special but be truthful with them. Don't tell her you to love her while you don't or tell him you love him when your heart is somewhere else. There is nothing more precious than growing more in affection in the relationship but this doesn't mean you should tell them a different thing from how you do feel. It's not only smart to do so but it also shows true affection when you don't lie about your feelings. If the relationship is not working out, don't just say things to keep the relationship.

Past, don't you lie about your past to your partner, before you go into a relationship with someone, learn to know how maturely they can handle certain things like someone's past. If they are that reasonable then tell them about your past and let them tell you theirs. So many relationships have fallen because of the wrecks of the past. So learn to always say the truth when it comes to your past as if you are caught with lies on your past, it would be extremely harder to be trusted as they feel that there are more things which you might have lied about.

Many lies can make things in a relationship also seem like a lie. This is implied to every kind of relationship and try to be the best you can by living a truthful life. Stay with for more...

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