War & rumors of war


Wars, a certain person once defined war as zero winners but just victims and chaos. War is defined as a string of battles fought over a particular idea, place, or people, fought usually by kingdoms, countries, racial groups, or the same idea collection of people. War is made of at least five or more clashes on several fronts. The world as we know has previously experienced two World Wars and countless numbers of smaller wars like the Cold War, the Nigerian Civil War, etc. More recently, the war in Ukraine after the invasion of the 'Russian Federation'. But there have been other recent wars, like the wars of the Afghanistan Taliban who later succeeded in overthrowing the then-elected government and chased out western powers such as the US military out of the country. Another war that was quite prominent in recent years was the consistent bombing of Gaza by Israeli forces which left scores of people dead and a lot more injured and displaced with nowhere to go. But over the years Russia has been a major player in most wars with their invasion of Georgia, Crimea, and now Ukraine. People have likened Russian President Vladimir Putin to a 21st century Adolf Hitler, who was the main protagonist of the Second World War. People have come to see him as a man who thinks the West has too many hidden agendas (which might be true) and sees himself as the only man who can stop this agenda. The most recent cause of the Ukraine invasion which is not a just reason to invade an independent country, Mr. Putin gave his reasons that Ukraine which is the closest country to Russia was planning on joining NATO (The North Atlantic Treaty Organization). NATO was formed after the Second World War to prevent a future occurrence, they consist of mainly military alliances and each member is called an ally, with allies all over the world such as the USA, Britain, Spain, Germany, Poland, and so many others. Russia felt Ukraine joining NATO could bring their enemies straight to their doorstep but as usual, Putin went out correcting that the wrong way possible by attacking the country, killing innocent people, displacing millions of people, turning the government of the day to fugitives in their own country. This is clear bullying of another country because they know they can.

There have been rumors that such an invasion could take place after Russia had in years back attacked a part of Ukraine but most people didn't think such a full-scale onslaught could happen in the 21st century. As earlier stated on how wars don't have victors just victims and more chaos, Russia itself has suffered a great deal for its actions. Countries all over the world with the main exception of China (which says it has strong ties with Russia), have hurt the Russian economy greatly, with sanctions on Russian assets overseas and hurting the Russian currency too. After the first wave of sanctions the Russian currency fell over 40% against the US dollars, even though the Russians have tried to save the currency by buying millions of dollars with Russian currency, the cracks are still very visible. Businessmen and women have suffered a great deal as a result of Putin's unorthodox actions, a typical example is the Chelsea football club owner Roman Ibrahimovic who has had to lose large properties in the UK and has to sell the club to avoid more sanctions. Oil merchants which Russia is known majorly for since they produce 40% of the world's oil reserve, have been hit with sanctions with most of them losing billions of dollars daily and properties being seized by a foreign government. Most have had to move their assets such as money or yachts out to safer areas. They might not all come and condemn the Russian actions but they sure aren't pleased with the outcome of the war.

If you want to talk about the war that most Nigerians would relate with, the civil war which was fought from 1967 to the early 1970s. The war had started after a faction of Nigeria, the Ibos, broke out of Nigeria under the guidance of General Ojukwu to form their own country, Biafra. This didn't sink well with the rest of the country who was under the rulership of General Yakubu Gowon who mobilized the Nigerian Army and weighed war against the east. Thousands lost their lives on both sides, many more were displaced and the country(s) was hanging by a thread. Even after the supposed end of the war, the debris of the war has filtered into the present day with associations such as the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), with the supposed head, Nnamdi Kanu who is in federal custody facing treason trial as a forerunner of the next break away. There is also a Biafran radio station. In recent years, there has been a clamor for the Westerns (Yorubas) to break away too, under the name of Yoruba Nation with their agitator popularly known as Sunday Igboho, who was arrested at Benin republic but released on bail recently. 

Another war that the country and countries around us like Cameroon and the Benin Republic have been facing for years is the incessant terrorism by the popular group Boko Haram. This war on terrorism has been going on for years with millions of Northerners being displaced and labeled as IDPs (Internal Displaced Persons), millions of naira worth of properties have been destroyed in this war. Even though those in other parts may have enjoyed calculated amounts of peace, still doesn't diminish the importance of ending insurgency in the country and neighbors. This group has hurt this country extremely with the kidnapping of school children, in Chibok and Dapchi both in Borno state, bombing and suicide bombing of people and properties have not gone unnoticed. Bandits and armed herdsmen have been a terror to people with their many mishaps of kidnappings, unjustified killings, and destruction of properties in Nigeria. These happenings together with the recent surge in ritual killings and kidnapping hang the country by a thread.

With the peace of the war hanging by a thread, with the smooth flow of life easily been disrupted by command of war by an errant leader, or with life easily taken away by the pull of a trigger or the push of a nuclear weapon which have been a major influence on war in this recent years. Could we be on the brink of another World War which most have predicted? Would Nigeria be busy fighting their war with the peace of the country barely hanging on, with Boko Haram in the North and our bushes populated with bandits and armed herdsmen? Would the nation still be one piece in years to come? Stay on ritrends.com to find out...

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