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What used to feel like a menial job is now looking like a lucrative business venture, owning or running a laundry business. The laundry business is doing laundry services like clothes washing, rug washing, and in most cases home services too. The laundry business does wash the supposed dirty clothes, iron them, and if needed dye or starch them too. People who patronize laundry services are majorly working class who do not have much time to wash them or to even use the washing machine. Nigeria as an example is overflowing with this working-class citizen who barely has time for their families, and talks less about doing the laundry. So in a lot of ways, the Laundry business is a huge convenience and has come to stay. Starting a laundry business is not as easy as a lot of people think. Below are things that must be considered when starting a laundry business.

Location, location, location, as mostly stressed by any successful business owner is crucial for any business. Whatever business you are running must have a location in mind when venturing into it. So in starting a laundry business, you need to consider the location because your location would define your market. It would not be so profitable to start a laundry business in an industrial populated area because there won’t be so much patronage. It’s safer to have such business in a residential area, but the best could be a mix of the two areas. You obviously cannot have such a business in rural areas where they are predominantly self-reliant as maybe farmers or fishermen or women. People like that can make out time to do their laundry. You pick an urban setting but not too urban, that houses there are crowded with household help. Just urban enough that they can afford laundry services and are busy enough to patronize it. 

Then you have to watch out for competition. If you are coming newly and there is already competition on the ground, you have to be careful of hostility and find ways to distinguish your business from theirs. Maybe start at a lower price and be more cheerful, or offer discounted prices. People love food, so giving a little treat when returning an order, even if it is sweet or candy, goes a long way. Be very efficient and delightful in your services and deliver orders faster than others do. Have a personal relationship with each customer despite how small their business with you is because you don’t know who might refer you. 

There is no business that is successful today that is not financed with the right amount of money. Starting a laundry business would cost a bit because there are things that must be in place for that business to start or to strive. Some things would be needed to kick start a laundry business, things as a washing machine or more, loads of soap and detergent, buckets and clothes hangers, electricity and pressing irons, clothes nylons, and delivery bags, running water, and most important a business area. Even if you start alone, you would eventually have to hire more hands as the business begins to grow. You would need money to finance this thing, to pay for rent, and electricity, city to restock items. As a way of distinguishing your business you could have customized delivery bags and of course, have a sign in front of your business center. Even if you do not have much money at hand, you can apply for small business loans and pay them back as business begins to pick up. 

Now to the most important part of starting or owning a laundry business, which is your efficiency, you have to know how to do the work very well and by all means, try to never burn a customer’s clothes or mix the wrong colors of clothes. Misplacing clothes is very common among laundry services, so have a system where you can do the services without mixing and misplacing the clothes. As you employ more hands, teach them your system so your efficiency doesn’t reduce. Never go into a business if your heart is not there and for the laundry business, it would show if you are committed or not.  

Summarizing it all, the laundry business might not have been previously profitable but its value has risen over the years and it’s now a norm to patronize laundry. This means that market value has risen and more people have ventured into it, so always learn to distinguish yourself from others. From stay tuned for more...

📸 Darya Sannikova

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