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Personal security is of great importance in every way, especially with the increase of crimes and insecurities all around us. A lot of people sideline the importance of personal security and by this, they open themselves to being targets of attacks both physically and in the online space.

This article will tell you all you need to know about personal security and tips that can help to stay secure in every situation.

What is personal security?

Personal security can be defined as the safety of all humans and the way that they can be able to live life fully and stay productive without the feeling of being at risk or being afraid. The sim of personal security is to awaken the consciousness of every human to the responsibility they have in keeping themselves safe.

We don’t live in the safest of worlds, so we need to ensure that we protect ourselves in every way that we can. It’s always said that prevention is better than cure, there are a lot of resources that we can learn from to keep ourselves, our homes and all that concerns us safe and secure.

Personal security is not to instill fear in humans but to help everyone live with the consciousness that they need to stay safe and there are ways that they can protect themselves from harm.

Let’s take a look at 15 simple personal security tips that you should apply in your everyday living.

• Ensure that you’re aware of all that is going on around you, and take extra care and caution to be attentive to all that you see like cars, buildings, and even people.

• It’s not advisable to wear both earbuds while listening to music while you’re walking on the streets, you will be distracted and it can even cause you not to hear others when there’s a case of security challenges.

• It’s advised by professionals that you walk with your head straight, it keeps you active and well informed about all going on around you.

• You should keep your head up most times, especially in cars and trains, so you can reply to your texts later. You should also limit your phone conversations while walking. It keeps you from being less distracted.

• This is an important security tip, avoid suspicious or dangerous places both during the day and at night. If it’s unavoidable, you should have company while going through those places. 

• This is a well-underrated point, but according to research you should walk with your keys in your hands whenever you’re in a suspicious place or even when you’re just walking across the streets, kegs can be used as a form of self-defense when the need arises.

• Ensure that you keep your car doors locked, whether you have valuables inside the car or not and it’s better to drive with your car doors locked, it can keep you safe from hijackers and kidnappers as the case may be. You can also double-check if you lock your car doors or not.

• This is another important personal security tip, ensure that you keep important family and friends informed of your location at all times. You could call them, send texts, send pictures or even share your location with them so they know you’re safe and alright at all times.

• Be conscious of pickpockets and thieves in crowded places, buses, and even subways. You should keep your bags and valuables close to you and secure your bag with a zipper.

• When you enter a place, ensure that you locate the exit routes and be alert. It could be in your offices, restaurants, the mall, cinemas, and even parks. You should have it in mind so you can exit in case of fire accidents or other dangers.

• Don’t stay on an elevator with a person you don’t feel comfortable with or someone you find suspicious. You can wait for the next elevator or use the stairs. If you unavoidably find yourself in such a position, you can pretend to be on a call with someone sharing your location and details that you currently have. Instead of pretending you can call someone and tell them.

• If a stranger in a car offers to help you or gives you a ride somewhere and you feel uncomfortable about it, go in the opposite direction or enter a public space to help them desist from coming after you. If you take a ride from a stranger, inform your family and friends and give details like the car color and number plate for extra information. 

• Ensure you close your windows and lock your doors at all times even if your neighborhood is safe. Burglars will find every way to break in when they want to.

• Now to the safety that concerns your money, is careful when using ATMs because there are people that can try to steal your pin and use your cards, it’s also advised not to count your money in public. While using your cards for online payments, don’t save your details on the sites, even sites that you trust, Hackers can get a hold of them at any time.

• You can have a panic button app at hand or enable SOS messages on your mobile device. These will notify your emergency contacts of your location and they can use that to find you if you ever get in danger or you’re lost or trapped. 

It’s important to note that it’s unprofessional to send panic messages to your family and friends either for pranks or as a test of such settings.

Your security matters are important and should be taken with all forms of seriousness. Don’t contact security agencies when you're not in any form of danger, you’ll be wasting the resources and time of the people who need help.

The list continues where security threats are identified but it’s your basic duty to yourself to keep yourself safe and secure from every form of harm or accident. Practicing these tips daily will help you be more security conscious.

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