Father's Day

Celebrating Father’s Day is always very exciting because mothers are generally more celebrated than fathers in most homes. It’s a day set aside to honor fatherhood and every paternal bond, this includes people who have played the roles of a father in one’s life and generally in society. 

How Did Father’s Day Start?

The history behind the Father’s Day celebration started with the Catholics in European countries. The day has been celebrated on 19th March of every year as Saint Joseph’s Day since the Middle Ages. Although Father’s Day was founded in the United States by Sonora Smart Dodd, different countries have particular dates for celebrating their Father’s Day.

This celebration greatly inspired President Woodrow Wilson and President Calvin Coolidge, they urged Americans to acknowledge the date as a day for all Fathers during their administrations, but it still wasn’t marked an official holiday. Unfortunately, the enthusiasm for the celebration didn't last long. 

During the '20s and '30s, a lot of people tried to cancel every celebration associated with both Mother's Day and Father's Day and replace them with Parents’ Day instead. This didn’t happen in some places because they accepted that Fathers and Mothers should be celebrated differently. 

Father’s Day was first celebrated for the first time in 1910 and it was the third Sunday in June. Some countries adopted this date and different regions celebrate it on days that they agree on just to honor fatherhood. 

In most countries, Father’s Day is a recognized public holiday, South Korea celebrates it as Parents’ Day. In Nigeria, it’s celebrated on the third Sunday in June, and this year it’s celebrated on the 19th of June.

Is Father's Day celebrated on the same date every year?

Well, because of the change in dates it’s just important not to put any date to heart, always remember that it will fall on the third Sunday in June and then you can plan towards it or set a reminder on your calendar not to forget.

As the dates get anticipated, a lot of people struggle with finding gifts to celebrate their fathers. This article contains different gift ideas you can give to celebrate your dad and make the day a special one.

Dads are very hard to buy gifts for, especially if they keep saying they don’t need anything, if you’re still looking forward to surprising your dad, then below are gift ideas you can gift him based on different personalities or his preferences.

The great thing about these gift ideas is that you can also give them to your husbands, brothers, grandfathers, fathers-in-law, pastors, and everyone that has contributed as a father in your life.

Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

If your dad likes technological devices, you can give him a smartwatch that can help him explore all that happens on his mobile phone. If he has had a phone for a long period, you can also get him a new mobile device. Earbuds will be perfect gifts for him if he listens to a lot of music or watches videos online. You can get him an iPad or laptop if he needs it for something he’s working on as well. Wireless chargers and power banks can also be nice gift ideas for your father.

If your dad cares a lot about appearance and fashion. It’ll be a nice idea to get him clothes that are well tailored based on his personality, some dads prefer to wear suits and some like casuals. You can also give him a bottle of nice perfume as a gift, whenever he uses the perfume he remembers you gave him and that keeps him happy. You can buy nice shoes for your dad, he’ll keep wearing them with you in mind. Nice customized sweatshirts also.

If your dad cares about making memories and spending time with family, you can get him customized gift items like a customized car key, a customized phone pouch, a magic mug cup, a customized throw pillow, and even a frame that he can hang in the home. It’ll be nice to give him things that will remind him of the family and make him appreciate you the most. 

If your dad likes pets, the Father’s Day celebration is a great idea to give him his favorite pet animal, it could be a cat or even a pet dog. He’ll understand how thoughtful you are and even get closer to you because you know what he likes.

If your dad likes food, drinks, and snacks, you can give him a food tray, a bottle or carton of wine, or a candy box filled with chocolates and some of his favorite childhood snacks. He’ll appreciate the food and keep you in mind. If you can’t afford to order a food tray for him you can cook his favorite dish at home by yourself and serve it to him. He’ll appreciate your labor to make the day a special one for him.

If your dad likes books then you can give him a book he’s been wanting to buy or one that he’s always wanted to read. Invest in his book library and your dad will love you even more. You can also add a letter to the books for him, to show how much he means to you and how happy you are that he’s your dad.

These are just a few gift ideas and suggestions based on what your dad would appreciate more. In some cases where you’re finding it hard to decide what to get him, you can ask him what he would like if someone were to get him a gift. His answer will let you know what gift you can buy that he will appreciate.

Fathers sometimes don’t show their hurts and sacrifices, they try to act tough and feel like they don’t need us or want our gifts. You can do well by celebrating your dad today in your little way, you don’t have to wait for a date to celebrate with him.

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