Mother's Day

Mother’s Day celebration is one of the most anticipated celebrations all over the world. Honoring motherhood is very vital to everyone and Mother’s Day is celebrated with that light in my heart. Different counties have their celebration dates and they do the celebrations in different forms.

The American adaptation of Mother’s Day was created by Anna Jarvis in 1908 and it became an official holiday in 1914, the creator Anna Jarvis later denounced the celebration and tried to remove it from the calendar. Mother’s Day was traditionally commemorated to present gifts for mothers and celebrate their impact on lives and society.

History of Mother’s Day Celebration

Celebrating mothers and motherhood is traced back to ancient Greeks and Romans who celebrate their goddesses Rhea and Cybele. The modern-day celebration has now been changed to a Christian celebration named Mothering Sunday.

It became a tradition in the United Kingdom and some parts of Europe for Christians to go back to their mother church for a combined special service on the fourth Sunday in Lent. This is where the Mothering Sunday celebration began. 

Although as time went on the Mothering Sunday celebration moved to a more peculiar reason for celebration and it was marked as a day to celebrate mothers and give them gifts. Although this custom eventually died down and the globally recognized day was the American Mother’s Day celebration.

So why did Anna Jarvis fight against the celebration?

Before the civil war, Jarvis started a Mother’s Day work club to teach local women to care for their children and keep the home. The club expanded into clubs and ended up getting divided during the civil war. In 1868, Anna Jarvis organized a program called Mother’s Friendship Day to promote reconciliation.

The official Mother’s Day is a result of Jarvis’s experience of the death of her mother. She wanted a day to honor the sacrifices mothers make for their children, she organized the first Mother’s Day celebration at a Methodist church in Grafton, West Virginia. 

A lot of people came out for the celebration and it strengthened her resolve to add the celebration to the National calendar. In 1912, many states, towns, and churches had adopted the Mother’s Day celebration into their calendar and Anna already had an association to promote her cause.

In 1914, President Wilson signed the day into an official existence calling the second Sunday in May, Mother’s Day. According to Jarvis's original plan, the day was to celebrate mothers and their importance to families, she wanted the day to be sacred and also include Mothering Sunday tradition into it.

As soon as the holiday became a national holiday, merchants from different companies and florists focused on its popularity and began to commercialize the holiday. She came out to publicly denounce the day and celebration and asked people to stop buying Mother’s Day flowers, candies, and every other commercialized item on sale.

Eventually, Jarvis resorted to open campaigns against everyone using the holiday for-profit and even charities riding on the influence to make more money. She made countless lawsuits against the companies that took most of her wealth. 

When Jarvis died in 1948, she disowned the holiday and fought so that the government could remove it from the national calendar.


The Mother’s Day celebration calls on Sunday, May 8, this year and you can use that as an opportunity to publicly appreciate your mother and give them gifts. At the beginning of the Mother’s Day celebration family reunions were the order of the day, every son and daughter would take over the household duties from the mothers and arrange a special dinner in honor of their mothers.

Gifting Mothers on Mother’s Day 

This celebration is the perfect idea to do something very thoughtful for your mother, women are easily swayed by gifts and they find it thoughtful when they receive one. Depending on whatever things your mum would like, here are a few gift ideas to give your mum for Mother’s Day celebration.

You can take her out and buy her fine designer clothes, bags and shoes. If she’s a fashionista, buy her accessories and jewelry, she’ll be glad you bought them for her.

You can take her on a staycation— a one-day holiday in a hotel where she can enjoy the day without having to work or stress about cooking. You can also take her for a skincare treatment or massage.

You can make her favorite dish for her at home. Cooking can get strenuous sometimes for mothers, use this celebration as an excuse to take the load off her shoulders and do the cooking for the day while including her favorite food on the menu.

If your mum values family and always wants to be around her kids, you can get her customized gift items like cards, throw pillows, mugs, phone pouch, car key holders, and a lot more. It gives her the feel of you being around her and it’ll mean so much to her.

Another thoughtful idea of a gift you can get your mum is a nice scent perfume, women are very conscious of what they scent like, if your mum is a perfume lover, you can gift her nice scents for the celebration.

For mothers that love cooking utensils, you can get kitchenware that will make things easier or a gadget that can help reduce her workload both in the kitchen and in the home generally.

Mothers are due to be celebrated every day of our lives and so are fathers, do something special for any of your parents during this celebration. You can also ask your mum if there's anything she’s been wanting to get so you can give that to her as a gift. 

You don’t need to wait for Mother’s Day to celebrate your mum, just from the daily activities and little things that matter at home. It’s a good thing to give back to our sources and our parents are one of the best people in our lives.

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