Investing in higher foreign currency


We all want to diversify our portfolio or have some form of investment that brings in the cash and one of the ways we can do that is by investing in higher foreign currency. If you are considering investing in any higher foreign currency, you should read this. 

One of the things you must do before making any type of investment is to have an in-depth understanding of it, this article serves that purpose.

Investing in foreign currency is buying the currency of one country and selling another in the process. One of the ways you can buy and sell different currencies is based on their exchange rate. For instance, a person can decide to invest in US dollars, if he thinks the exchange rate would rise in the future; a simple way to do this is to convert his money from the local currency to dollars, and hoard it till the exchange rate rises and convert back his local currency. Sounds easy right?  

Another way you can invest in foreign currency is via the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market. Foreign Exchange is the conversion at a specific rate called the foreign exchange rate. The Foreign Exchange market is an institution for exchanging one’s local currency with another country’s currency. It is said to be the largest and most liquid market. A liquid market is one with several buyers and sellers, consequently, one can easily enter and exit the market at a low cost. The forex market does not have a central location, it is an electronic network of institutions, banks, individual traders, and brokers. Before investing in the Forex market, a piece of good knowledge is advised.

Ways to invest in Foreign Exchange Market

There are lots of ways you can participate in the forex market, here are 3 ways you can invest in higher foreign currency;

Investing in ETFs and ETNs

Exchange Traded Funds and Exchange traded notes are like stocks and bonds but they let you invest in foreign currency without trading forex. ETFs purchase and manage a portfolio of currencies on behalf of the investor. One of the advantages of ETFs and ETNs is that the investor would not have much leverage-related risk.

Creating a Standard Forex Trading Account

An Investor can open a standard forex trading account with a broker, this will enable the investor to trade currencies from anywhere in the world. A forex broker is a financial services company that offers traders a platform for buying and selling foreign currencies.

Investing in multinational companies

Investing in multinational companies that do significant business in foreign countries is a good way to invest in foreign currency. A lot of stakeholders participate indirectly in the forex market via their ownership in such companies. Examples of such companies are IBM, Coca-cola, Microsoft, etc.

The benefit of investing in Higher Foreign Currency

Investing in higher foreign currency comes with a lot of benefits, some of them are; 


Foreign exchange allows investors to diversify their portfolio outside their local trading location. Diversifying your portfolio can help manage risk. Whenever challenges arise with the economy of your own country, you can be hedged with another currency or a combination of currencies.

Trading Hours: 

The foreign exchange market is open 24 hours a day and five days a week. This enables the investors to trade whenever they want. Unlike the local markets, investors can react to events in the market as soon as they happen. Also, the trading hours enable the investor to trade at their own pace.

Size and liquidity of the market:

Forex Market is a very popular and large market, an average of over 5 trillion dollars trade is carried out daily in the forex market across several locations and countries of the world. consequently, it has high liquidity with low transaction fees. Also, it would be difficult for a group or person to exploit the market. The size of the market makes market predictions simple.

The size of the market also affects the liquidity of the market. Liquidity is how quickly an asset can be converted into cash. Because of the huge size of the market, investors find it easy to enter and exit the market at any time with little cost. This is because there are a lot of buyers and sellers.

Lower Cost:

In foreign exchange, there are few commissions associated with trading. That allows you to have more returns. Since the cost of a transaction is built into the price in the forex market, the forex brokers take that as their payment for facilitating the trade. This way, the cost of trading is lower.

High Profit: 

One of the advantages of forex is its huge profit. The foreign currency market has a high-profit perspective and these come in various ways. The investor can make money from changes in the exchange rate as currencies increase or decrease. Also, traders can enter highly leveraged trades, which promise multiplying profit.

Risk in investing in foreign currency

Of course, investing in foreign currency is not a bed of roses and the experience is all smooth. There are a lot of risks associated with investing in foreign currencies just like every other investment. In short, investing in foreign currency is not for the weak-hearted. Some of the risks associated with investing in foreign currency are:

• The Foreign exchange market is very volatile and there is no assurance of making any profit or losses. This is due to some factors like central banks' interventions, economic reports, etc. It's important to assess your loss tolerance carefully before jumping in.

• Due to the deregulated nature of the foreign exchange market, some traders are not transparent. 

• Most times, forex trades do not have access to portfolio advisors to guide you through.

• The foreign exchange market is less predictable. Forex markets can take big shifts without warning or little warning.

• Forex rates are influenced by many factors, so investors find it difficult to determine the price of a currency.

• There are many bad investment options in the Forex market. if an investor falls for it, it is highly risky.

A wise man once said; “Before embarking on a journey, first sit down and count the cost. We can apply this principle to investing in higher foreign currency; sit down and count the cost.

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