Communication is great but constant communication is better


Communication is interactions between two or more people. In this article, we would be centralizing our discussion on communication regarding relationships. So this would be on how communication affects relationships. Communication is an essential tool in any relationship but nothing is better than constant communication between both partners. Constant communication helps the partner to stay abreast of the happenings in each other lives. 

The first instance where constant communication helps in long-distance relationships. Loads of people are scared to go into long-distance relationships because it is very tasking and one of the hugest tasks is being able to hold constant communication. Constant communication is good in long-distance relationships but if the quality of the conversation reduces then it is just communication. Communicating constantly while in a long-distance relationship helps to keep up the love and trust between the couple. When there is a lack of communication, there are tendencies that mistrust begins to grow and issues start to sprout. When doing long-distance relationships, the communication level has to improve as it is making up for a lot of things like physical interaction, physical presence, and other things that you might now be lacking due to distance.

Constant communication is quality communication, as stated above that unless the conversations are of real quality and carry messages that are of the person’s life then it is just normal communication. Communication loses value and becomes boring when the conversations are mainly about random things and not things that either affect or concern the person’s life. If the conversations are like ‘how are you, ‘how was your day, ‘hope you have eaten’ and then the conservations dies off, that sort of communication between partners essentially becomes tiresome and boring. Now even the replies could be the dulling factor because you are giving each other one of the replies and not detailed replies on how truly you feel. If your partner asks you how you are faring and you give lots of details on things going on with your life, then they get to know you more, get to understand you, and can feel how you are feeling. By giving more details, you are making the person feel special as you can share things with them. 

Another thing that kills constant communication is the assumption that you are stressing the person or they aren’t mature enough to help you through such a problem. A common thing with people of now is having best friends, ‘bestie’, it is fantastic to have a best friend but it could have one flaw. If you are someone who feels like telling your partner your issues and struggles that are stressing the partner out or that they aren’t emotionally or psychologically matured to deal with such information then you are dating wrongly. Having sexual interaction doesn’t mean you both are dating because you aren’t dating fully. You cannot be dating or be married to someone you can’t tell everything, dating an immature person is the worst thing you can do for yourself. You are essentially dating your best friend if you tell them everything and they help you resolve your issues so you look perfect to the person you are dating. When in a true relationship, that person should be your first best friend and confidant. You are only going on with a friend-with-benefits relationship when your partner doesn’t get real information and refined truth because you have somebody you trust more and have told that person your issues already. 

Constant communication needs unbridled work, which means that even in your discomfort you can carve out time for that partner. If you are stressed, they should be the ones you call to help you relieve that stress, if your partner is even adding to the stress then you are definitely in the wrong relationship. Relationships are poverty alleviation schemes, it is common that people can’t hold constant communications with their partner because they are only teeing them up to collect something from them. A guy can’t tell his girlfriend when he is lacking anything because he is scared that would chase her away or that the girlfriend only holds intimate talks with her boyfriend so he is in a good mood for her to ask for something. This kind of miscommunication is why best friends have more rights than the person you are even dating. 

Constant communication helps to detect issues. When you have dated someone, for a while, you would have understood them to a point and if there is a change, you would be able to feel it, especially if the conversation is feeling off. Understanding the body language and mood of your partner is only possible when you both have spent time together and talked about things so you know how the person behaves when in good and bad moods. You can’t know your partner better if you both don’t hold constant communication, because then you could detect if there is a change in them or their countenance.  

As said, constant communication needs great work from both parties if the quality communication is mainly one-sided, the relationship is heading for doom. When communication is mainly one side giving real quality conversation, the person over time would feel like they are forcing the relationship and then gradually withdraw too. Some hide under the notion that they do not have anything of great importance to discuss but the little things that happen, you should tell that person you dating. If you cannot have quality small talk with your partner then how would you be able to tell them bigger things? Nobody lives a boring life all the time but we choose who and what we tell different people. So it is a lie if your partner always tells you that they are too boring to have anything to say. 

Concluding, no relationship can be meaningful if there isn’t constant communication, normal communication is good but it has to be stepped up when conversing with a person you are in a relationship with. Constant communication helps to grow the relationship to something stronger. Always demand better communication so you don’t end up wasting your time, so don’t settle for less. for more.

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